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Posts from — July 2004

The Germans are coming to Cochin

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Finally the good times are back.

Cochin is all set to be on the BMW map.

Cochin missed Volkswagen by a whisker, thanks to the efforts of Andhra Pradesh.(Even though AP couldn’t make it in the end- Volks is still undecided whether to set up their facility in Vizag)With the entry of BMW (hope it works out!) Kerala will have it largest industry. In a state notorious for its industry unfriendly climate this would become an icebreaker.

Why is BMW coming in?

Kerala Govt. has agreed to “sell off”(or gift?) HMT owned land in Kalamassery to BMW. So, BMW is going to get prime land that is already on the “industrial map”.Well connected by road, air and sea this facility can be used to build (Completely Knocked Down) versions and parts of vehicles and assemble them. 

Cochin port can be used as a nodal point for their exports. (Initially to import equipments)With the coming in of International Transshipment Terminal soon the value of Cochin port is sure going to increase.

BMW has chosen the right time to put in their money.

Advantage Cochin over Karnataka, AP and Maharashtra as far as the BMW is concerned is the confluence of a world-class airport and seaport.

Even Vizag that enticed Volks cannot give a fair deal as Vizag port is much farther than Cochin owing to its location. (Eastern coast, so ships should travel via Colombo)

Why did Kerala fail in getting Volks in?

Kerala could not provide land as per Volks’ needs. Reason- In a state with a very high population density that is almost uniformly distributed, there is a severe scarcity of land.Any conventional industry would make people voice their concerns over pollution, that’s quite natural.

(This is not the case with say Karnataka or AP where land is available far from human inhabitations)

Nara Chandrababu Naidu was successful in taking the Volks to Vizag but as told earlier Volks is still thinking whether to or not to.

Hope BMW’s testimonial opens up the eyes of the guys at Volks. 

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July 23, 2004   No Comments

Long live Michaels

It was just another day in a Call Center in Bangalore.

Stephanie(name changed to protect privacy!!!) had just logged into the Customer Support chats.

As a Customer Support Agent at a call center is down town Bangalore, she was doing well.

Her company,***** Limited was doing chat and email support for ***** products, obviously for the US customers.

Michael(name not correct as I was told this story by someone else) a customer, came asking for a new computer from you.

What was said during the chat is really interesting

The customer started the chat blasting the “bloody Indians “.

He said :”I have a Dell Inspiron, but I can’t stay with Dell.

Their customer service sux”

Stephanie sensed the possibility of a probable sale that would make her richer by a few rupees(or dollars-as incentives)

The customer continued:”whenever I call up Dell Customer Support, I get transferred to India”

“They might be good people, but their English is bullshit”

“I am never gonna buy their products. This Comp is good, its us who make it (Americans??)”

“But whenever I face a prob, I feel that I have been fooled”

Poor Michael is unaware that Stephanie is another Indian!!!

A fact:

Say, the Voice support for a US Company X is in India.

Chances are high that all other kinds of support possible ie email,

chat, service inquiry etc will all be done here in India.

The reason-The company X has found a cheaper option in India.

So it has transferred almost all its customer support to India.

End result: Steph made a sale.

Michael goes with the notebook.

Stephanie has more dollars in her kitty.

Future: Micheal coming back to “******** Indians” when his notebook goes haywire

Thanks Michael(s), Indian ITES Industry loves you…..

Long live Michaels….

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July 12, 2004   No Comments


The effort still continues. To keep the counter ticking-obviously on the blog. Comments till date-2 thanks to RECW chum Shubham.

How to increase the number of hits on my blog. The search for the hit++mantra is on. Is it simplicity, readability or the content that lures blog surfers….

I googled my full name in quotes and the results on the real me were all on expected lines.

13 of 19 Nikhil Narayanans turned out to be me. Good!!!

The next one is one some cricketer Nikhil Narayanan of it being me!!! Nay…… its not me. The email id there is not mine…

The EgOsUrFiNg search results:

1) My blog – is there in the list. Thank you google, I mean pagerank…

One link to blog, and two to profiles.

2) My RECW “dad” Cash has put up a link to my blog on that’s his blog.)

2 links from here

3)One of the many letters that I sent and of the few that were published comes next.

It is from the week. The letter was on one of their specials that failed to include anyone from our atomic energy and space depts as young achievers.

None of my letters to the Hindu can now be accessed online as they moved from India server long back. All those letters published in the Hindu when I was in RECW can not be found on the net..:-(

4) Being one of the 6 or 7 Indian members of DNSO with voting rights , my name is listed on

When Sevathi Ninan wrote in The Hindu about DNSO voting rights, me and Chippu joined. I was asked to vote in the DNSO elections. and once I received a mail thanking me for my vote after my candidate won!!!

No more DNSO mails as I practically stopped using my angelfire mail, that was teh one submitted to DNSO.

3 of the results from

5) Guest book for payyanur.comThat’s the place where my parents are from. So used to visit that site.

6)2 links from Pagalguy and

7) one link from Sidin’s blog-that’s a link to a comment.

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July 3, 2004   2 Comments