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Olympic worries

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Regularly irregular has become the feature of my blog.

With inflation moving to an all time high(I know it is not, still a bit a exagerration) and Manipur burning I was wondering which of these tipics to be chosen for my blog.

Finally settled for a third one, not much discussed but should be debated during this time.

The environmental impact of Athens 2004.

Clicking on the google icon will take you to Athens 2004 search of which will be the first. Hyperlinking its icon is a way how Google can control zeitgeist.

Among the sponsored search results there happened to be a report( Environmental Assessment of the Athens 2004 Olympic Games) by WWF(not the one thats there in your mind, me talking about the World Wide Fund for Nature) that says that the organizers are miles behind the performance of the Australian authoritities. The Sydney games happened to be clean and green but the Athens2004 has caused irrepairable damage to ecology.

The Athens 2004 ends up at a dismal 0.77 on a scale of 4.

The infrastructure and public transport system became world class, the fragile ecological fabric was torn in multiple ways from poor waste management to pathetic environmental planning and evaluation.

It was as early as in 2000 that nature lovers called for a enviro friendly Olympics.

So should we be blaming the IOC or the Greek authorities. The answer is both as it is the primary responsibilty of the IOC to conduct the games without causing much damage to the environment , the Greek authorities who actually implemented the project should have put in (more) effort in conducting a clean and green games.


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