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Posts from — February 2005

TAPMI- GD PI and on Manipal as a whole

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Manipal is okay as an Edu place , but internet here sux. I mean outside TAPMI. Net cafes hre are still in the dial up age. But u have DVD parlours, couple of them around here.. Yes, mini theater types, where DVDs are played. As expected, the fairer of the sex is smthg that is available in quality and quantity as well. As Murphy said, all the good ones are taken…

TAPMI- started off with a 45 mins or so presentation on what TAPMI stands for,vision etc…

10:30 Case Study- Case was like a guy who is employed had in unable to control people under him, so had to do either leave the job(he was poor) , make the workers alright or ….

If there is sometheing more than a Fish Market GD, it is what I was part of today. Sick it was. 6 of 15 people said Good Morning to all of you at the same time. I was like, oh Gosh!!! Even theough evry one had the same idea and soln for the issue, no one let the others speak. I too added to the chaos. People trying to moderate in between, it would have been fun for the faculties who watched the GD.

Then we were asked to write a review of the GD(not what the consensus)…

Then came an extempore. I was the second person. When the guy before u speak for 3 mins, u can open ur chit and prepare ur speech. Very tuff as u get disturbed by the guy before u(he is spkg when u r preparing).
I had 3 options, Space Travel, Narayana Murthy, and Fav food.
Chose Space travel, spoke some crap.

Then Panel Interview:

The same panel as the GD(Case):

Asked me to intro?
Any breaks in career?
How may supplied(ATKTs)?
Fav part of Elc Engg?
What Control System to a layman, used in common world(i said Control System to the earlier question)
3 strenghts?
Why call center?
Draw a Multi Vibrator ckt?
Draw a square wave?

Rate ur Case Study review(we were asked to review the GD, so now to rate my wrinting)…

All the best… and bye

*******Lunch at some restau near KMC********

1:30, made to write 350 words on why MBA, other career options that were available… etc..

Dir Interview:
Dir + some 4 other guys.. all of them relaxed.
Where are u from?
Where engg…?
Any breaks in career?
How may supplies(ATKTS)- they were like how do people fail in engg… i dint waste my time trying to convince that a supple in no big deal…

Why marks low? Were u a Naxal? (i gave an emphatic no, for the second part, for which he smiled).

Other calls? told the truth as I had to show them that I was decent…

In both the interviews at TAPMI , I told them that in CAT 2002 , I had 97.18 and had a TAPMI GD/PI call which I could not attend(truth is that I dint care to!) I told that I am not gonna take CAT again as m,y percentiles have been falling from then….

Funniest part I noticed, the library had a Notice saying, “No Group Discussions here”, that was the place where the GD was conducted…

Not hopeful, thats the verdict. Am I going back to same old square one that is always there for me????

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February 25, 2005   8 Comments


Update: Here is the link to my post on Pagalguy again.

Here you go again.

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February 23, 2005   24 Comments

Will my destiny change?

It all depends on a few hours. Same place(Coffee Board), in less than a year, I am given one more chance to stop repenting for being an academically challenged engineer.

IIFT GD/PI 9:30 am, Coffee Board tommorrow.

Hope to crack and make it in…

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February 22, 2005   No Comments


Added Haloscan and Feedburner here and, gosh!!!
Gone are the comments posted earlier….
Thank god, I did it now, had it been later , I would have lost more comments :-P

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February 20, 2005   No Comments


This post is a Copy Paste of what I posted on Pagalguy:

PG means

Hi all!
Since there are not too many posts in this thread and that I have ample time, I will post my SIBM GD/PI in detail.

Before that, do you know that there are people who have not heard of PG forums. And was very happy to meet a PG(Paromita ), both of us shared some unknown sense of chemistry when both of us got to know that we are PG mates…. Rest of the guys, including the dumb asses who thought PG to be some crap site where people chat, make friends etc etc, were wondering whatz the big deal, why are these 2 people so happy being PG mates….Stupid “whatever”holes:-P

Shocked to know abt the night life in Pune, this place doesn’t sleep, or rather wakes up late when it sleeps. Late in the light, at 11:00, I could araam se get a Xerox shop to xerox my certificates9the enjoyment of doing things in the last moment is something different).

At 7:am today, I could hardly find any shops around, open. Not even restaurants-so had to skip my breakfast. Thought all for good. With much difficulty got a ric from Deccan to SIBM. Reached there at 7:30. Hey, they said 8:am and they were letting people in, so early… whats this…

I was in batch H, they started off with a presentation on SIBM by some II year Stud(placed in Olam Singapore, yes the company that recruits from IIFT)…

After that all of us were asked to keep the xerox copies of certies ready.If u dun have the Xerox, they will get it done, chill buddy. Noi black pen, they will give u that. All nitty gritties taken care of.

Then, essay to be written with black pen(ha ha ha), Topic”Internet Etiquettes”. I was thankful that they had the topic written on the sheet, had that not been the case, I am sure at least me would have goofed up the spelling of Etiquette(is that right?).

10 minutes of essay. Then to refreshment room. Some grps went for GD, some PI, some Case Study etc. Since mine was H, “refreshed” for some time. That old uppuma that I loathed like hell, showed its presence here also. Tea, Uppuma, and cake. I chose only tea as I thought better to avoid Uppuma(looked like that, or was that something sweet).

Then was called for GD, GD topic” Has the advent of TV Ads diminished the role of print ads”. As in any GD, one ***tard is enf to screw the whole grp’s happiness…
There was a guys, who did that. Nonsense talk, did not let anyone chip in…
Still I made a couple of entries into the grp.
Some of us(including me) were asked to summarize.

Then Case Study- An Indian handicraft company had to choose between 2 US companies as partner for their exports. Since it was the same grp and that ******* was there, noone wanted 2 risk. All spoke. CHAOTIC!!. The moderator and Physcologist there said that they have just one brain and if 6 of 8 speak together, there is no point doing this. After the study, we were asked to rate our grps performance, some one said 5/10. He said do not underestimate, then said, thank you for being frank.

I got a chance to summarize here too…
Poor Paromita, later complained to me that I was obstructing her view and herself… Sorry buddy, purely unintentional..

And finally was the interview. Went in sat. Panel: a Parsi lady, A handwriting ologist(whatever u call them), and one more guy.
I said, good afternoon, it was only 11:50. I was prepared to say GM, but slip of a tongue. He said “afternoon”, I said, sorry GM.. She said that’s okay.
They had my Essay sheet, SIBM online form printout in hand.
Gave me a writing pad and asked me to write my name and sign.
I did.
Then a topic for extempore came, “Values in Sport”. As Sport happens to be smthg which I am very bad at, I had that oh gosh wave in my mind.

Scribbled smthg, spoke a sentence on Olympic, Pierre De Cubertin, Drugs, they said time up. I said 1 min so soon. They said yes!!!

Where r u from:
I said Triuvandrum, studied in Wranagal, wrking in Blore.
What is ur work:
I said Call Center….

Is that good for India?
Yes, employment generation etc etc….

“Are you getting married”
I said not soon.
How may girlfriends have u had in college…
I said no serious affair…

How are u with girls..?

I said comfortable , ….

Nikhil, get married soon why waste time.

U seem to be very creative..(My i has a circle instd of the usual dot, this makes a had writing analyst feel that u r creative.
But I will tell u the fact, a friend of mine(a girl) in school, used to put this. I chumma started it as a style, but now that has mislead them….)

why do a call center job..

Some crap answer, I gave…

Why MBA, said something … specialization, I said Mktg. They dint ask why anymore…

What makes u interesting?

I said, I like to know more and let others know what I got to know. I said I blog(hope they dun check the number of posts that I have done on my blog)…

For example:??

I said, I keep having questions and try to find ans for them. Now I am trying to find if AIRBUS A320 used by Air Deccan has a seating arrangement customized for them….

Oho!!! they said….

Wishing u all the best!!-they said…

Thankyou and I left….

Cons of SIBM: No campus area. Only6 bldg… Adjacent bldg is Arts , Commerce etc. Hsotel sux, so Paying Guest is the option…

Pros :-P
I had a feeling that Blore is nothing(fairer sex denstity)@ Symbi college next to SIBM…

Thanks are due to Shruti(I year) for all the help done and also to Aastha(II year).

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February 16, 2005   2 Comments

How I saved 500 bucks?

Having been screwed up every day after school, rather in every inch of life( due to nobody else’s fault), this MBA season I thought of keeping an MTech as back up(Kerala Univ’s MTech on TECH MGMT). The written test for this course is scheduled on 14th and as Murphy (same old Murphy’s Law guy) my SIBM GD PI is scheduled on 16th at Pune.

So the only option of attending the first one at Trivandrum and SIBM at Pune was to travel by flight, atleast part of the journey.As any rich lad would do, I opted for Air Deccan. Checked the rates , Rs3000+221(Tax) from Blore to Mumbai(dood, they don’t operate in the Pune sector). When I called them up, they had told me that the rates keep changing depending on the demand(u know that simple eco funda, more demand, more price). I had no choice but to opt for 3221.

But, fortunately or unfortunately, after I filled up the billing information, the website said “Problem with the Credit Card”. Then called up, CITIBANK, they said, no issues with the card. Try again…

Next time , I got to know why I failed in the first try.

The options were , for type of card:



ICICI Credit Card and one more.

After having been felt like a Credit Card fraudster when the transaction was rejected(I chose the first in the earlier try), this time I tried the second option, and alas it worked!

The worth of the ticket was now Rs2500+221. Hey, thats 500 less… So, the demand fluctuates even during a day day. I am thankful to myself that the first try did not work and that I had to call up CITI when it failed. Those few minutes that I spent calling CITI was worth just Rs5/- to me(Tele charges), but I saved Rs500/-.

Should I cancel the tciket(I will loose, 272(ie 10%) and check if the rates have come down…, No, it is back to 3221.

So, this going to be my first air journey. Airbus-A320, I am coming, svalpa wait madi(a small piece of Kannada, that I picked up here !)….

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February 9, 2005   No Comments


Got a GD/PI call from SIBM, expected, still…..


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February 8, 2005   1 Comment

The Story of MGR

MGR-the untold story

When I got to know that MGR is a Sri Lankan born mallu, I used to wonder why Sri Lanka. Never explored more and yesteray, I got the answer…


A widowed “Antharjanam” of an Illam near Kunnamkulam was suspected of sexual misconduct. During the “Smaartha Vichaaram” she confessed to have had illicit relations with 15 persons of various communities from Namboothiri to a barber. The verdict resulted in excommunication of all the 15 and the Antharjanam herself.
One of the victims is said to have been Melakkath Gopala Menon, a judicial officer in Thrissur, who had married Meenakshi Amma of Vattaparambil Nair family of Irinjalakuda. He left his family, went to Palakkad where he married a lower caste woman and together left for Sri Lanka. When he died after two sons were born, his widow returned to Tamil Nadu with her children. One of the boys later became a famous film actor, a political leader and top administrator.

This site is really informative . Another thing I found interesting was The 64 “Anaachaarams” (Dos and Don’ts).
Thats it…

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February 7, 2005   1 Comment

Reason Incognito

XL u ditched me!

I know that I am not made for the IIMs, and ya XL too as they are all in the same league.

I strongly feel, only two things(either alone or together) can fetch u an IIM call:

  • You have to be extremely intelligent(which I am not!)
  • You have to be real lucky.(Again thats not me). I know couple of guys/gals whom I thought were real duds, and still feel that they are, making it to the IIMs.

After the revised XL score card came out I was quite optmisitic that XL would call me.

Okay, I am not fit to be in that league, still a call was expected…

This was my best XL shot (thanks to no caselets this time)and this was the only time I applied to XIMB(and they called me too).

But, XL did not call me.

Was it my VA LA score?

No, as guys with higher sectionals than me in the first two and a better net could not make it in. They had a lower GK score , that was not the reason for their rejection as people with even 65 percentile in GK are in.

I am academically challenged @ 57% from RECW, was that the reason?

No, as one of the guys described above has a 75% in Engg with 1 year wokex…

All the years that went in scanenging for bits and pieces of info, fetched me a 99.73 in GK.

Someone said, XL gives due importance to GK, B***s!!!

Hope IIFT opens their doors this time for me,….. XIMB is also okay, but I love IIFT.

TAPMI call is near to impossible for conversion as CAT score simply sux..prolly, I am the last one to get a TAPMI call….

Since IIFT keeps the written scores covert, I am optimistic as I dun know how bad(or good) my scores are. For XIMB , my XAT scores are decent…

Hoping for the best times to come

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February 3, 2005   1 Comment