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Posts from — March 2005

IIFT rejected again….

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Sad, but true…. unexpected… still….I could not make it to IIFT this time too…
Okay performace in the essay, GD PI round, still…… fate….

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March 25, 2005   7 Comments

My first blog from Warangal….

Murphy strikes again… today is the day to get my degree certifcate signed by the diro and oh!!! the diro is sacked….

Hope he signs my degree and then quits…..

PS:RECW to NITW is a huge change.. the mood here is not the pissed off feeling what we shared in 2002… Almost the whole college is placed….and many companies had to go empty handed…

Infy , TCS , etc are now dunt care types as far as these studs are concerned….
Mallu guys placed in Goldmann Sachs, EMC, Mindtree, Verizon, IBM, ITC etc….

Zimbly amazing placements….82 companies!!!!

>>Current Location , Sreeram’s room(junie)I Block, NITW Hostels…<<<

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March 24, 2005   1 Comment

XIMB GD PI-the worst PI ever

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March 21, 2005   6 Comments

India -before 1947

Hi all

Came across an excellent site , where you audio, video , stills pre independent India is available for download.

Hear what Jinnah said… or check out how Delhi was in the year 1941…

Navigation is not that good so here is the site map on that website….

Another thing, you can even buy harappan clay tablet replicas, thats when you are madly rich enough(or richly mad), not me anyways …


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March 12, 2005   1 Comment

Circa 1987-India

Change is something that is inevitable.

If you were born sometime in the early 80s , you will be able to associate with yourself a couple of points typed below …..These are things that I have seen , experienced…..

Circa 1987:

  • A handsome PM, Rajiv Gandhi…
  • Petrol costs Rs10/L and Diesel at Rs 3 or so….
  • Thums Up , Limca , Gold Spot – the only soft drinks available…, Coca Cola was available before George Fernandez chucked them out of the country.
  • TV is just in, Doordarshan is the only channel…. cable TV that’s not even in dreams…
  • Maruti(soap box types), Premier Padmini and Ambassor the only cars on road…(in the reverse order of luxury)
  • 5ps, 10 ps and 20ps(made of Aluminium) coins accepted by all….
  • Minimum charge for bus is Ps.50 and Auto Ric Rs.2.50
  • Dollar V/s Re– at Rs 10+ /USD
  • Re1 coins had H , M , T or a *. Collect 3 coins one each with H, M and T towin a watch from HMT
  • Computer is something like a TV, think a company called Wipro makes them..
  • India Biz is ruled by the Tatas, Reliance is just a term in the Oxford Dictionary (for the common man)
  • Reynolds pens are chic(leave the imported Sheaffers, Mont Blanc etc). They(Reynolds) have started making pens in Chennai…
  • Ball pens are not use and throw….refills available…
  • Rs 1000 note was banned long back by Mrs Gandhi… 500 notes not that common….thats the only note with a Gandhiji’s image printed(not watermark)
  • Telephone connections available at the mercy of Dept of Telecom(was that P& T then?).. … apply and wait…. for years……all the best!(later when phones started becoming common,tracing the caller’s number in case of a prank call was next to impossible.. write letters to various telecom officers ….they may help you , see the change now every body has a caller id.)
  • Telegrams still in vogue… The nearest Courier guy is miles away….
  • Surf is synonymous with detergent in the urban households….Binaca , and Colgate for toothpastes…(later came the red Close Up, that was very much novel in that period)
  • Maximum wait in a traffic signal was 30m seconds(or was it lesser than that)… Keltron monopoly in the traffic signal installations…
  • Shortages are the order of the day… couple of years back (1984) cement was imported from North Korea…
  • Bata’s North Star is a leading brand of shoes.

These are not in any order , but totally random… might add more points later…
>>>Claimer– Some of the figures may slightly differ from place to place<<<



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March 10, 2005   3 Comments

Lunar B’day, Shivarathri and IWD

Today happens to be International Women’s Day. More importantly, Shivrathri and still more importantly my lunar B’day. My solar B’day was on 4 March(thats my date of birth), gotta celebrate lunar B’day too..

Which one to be given more importance is something that has been puzzling me for so long… anyways its better(best?) to celebrate both.
Remember having my 19th solar and lunar B’day on the same day…. that’s couple of years back…getting older now… will have to wait till 38th to have both the B’days together…..

Wish all of you a happy Women’s Day and myself a happy B’day

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March 8, 2005   No Comments

Achuvinte Amma- Movie Review

First time trying by bit it reviewing a mallu movie(or a movie?). Not an avid movie watcher, due to the lack of patience to sit for 2-3 hrs:-)

Title:Achuvinte Amma
Dir:Sathyan Anthikad
Cast:Urvasi, Meera Jasmine , Innocent etc…

The thread begins with the woman protagonist(Urvasi as Vanaja ), a typical diligent LIC agent who becomes a Kodipathy for the third time in a row. She does not waste a second of her time and keeps herself engaged to make a living(she supplies chudidars to a ready made shop apart from the LIC thing).

The story is set in Calicut. Through out the story, the social amity in the Kerala society is shown.
A huge matrilineal Muslim household, “ruled” by Sukumari(forgot the character’s name) , is in very good terms with Vanaja and her daughter Ashwathi(Meera Jasm) The story revolves aroung the Mother -Daugher relationship between Vanaja and Achu aka Aswathi. The opulence of a Malabar Muslim house hold is shown in an excellent way, how rich they are, how much they care for others….

The script has put in a lot of things from the slice of life in Kerala. Snapshots from the Kerala life include a hartal when Achu reaches Trivandrum for a PSC interview, a bus Kili who can barely manage fondling the lady passengers getting in and out of the bus. Also, the tangles(not the legal ones)that you get into when you are proactive and lodge a compaint with the cops against the subtle sexual assault(molestation???) that you suffer in a bus ….

The Madhusudanam Pilla(ASI), has done a decent portrayal of a flirtatious policeman, dialogue delivery and style very much Trivadrum ish, nice one…

The movie , even though subtly brings in family suicide(a phenomenon due very common in Kerala), the TV serial crazy junta(Vanaja’s neighbour is a serial actress).

The screen chemistry between the possessive mother Vanaja and the daughter Achu is zimbly awesome. Meera has done an excellent job. Basically a female subject, Ijo, (Sunil ,Achu’s friend) has done a good job.

The mom- daughter relationship slides from camaraderie to a strained after Achu decides to go with Ijo. Vanaja expects here daughter to be married into a big family with lots of people to share and care, like that of the Muslim household they share links with. The viewers question, and also Achu’s question of who her dad is is unanswered till the end when Vanaja divulges that Achu is not her daughter.

Vanaja had saved hereself and Achu from the clutches of a textile unit (Tiruppur ?) owner who was about to sell her off to a Sardardji(for what else?). Vanaja was never married. Till the end we get a feeling that Achu is a daughter of a gun(a small change from son of a gun!).

After the relationship moves to a quagmire, Achu stays at her coulegaues place(she moves from here after she comes to know of the lecherus intentions of her colleague’s husband , Sree ettan), goes to meets an accident after she comes to know that she has no place to stay( She goes to Sukumari’s place to find her dead!). The revelation that Achu is not Vanaja’s daughter and the end to the story comes in the hospital were Achu is admitted.

The ending is happy and predictable.

Lots of good humor, not to forget a part played by KPAC Lalita as marriage broker trying to find a groom for Achu and Vanaja(ha ha ha!!!).

Humor , on Sathyan Anthikad lines, very practical instances of humor, many which we could have encountered, or may encounter. Vanaja’s tricks to make people take LIC policies and her ordeal to learn English will tickle your ribs. Inncocent too plays a good role.

Verdict: ***** (thats 5 stars) , Meera and Urvasi has done and excellent job.
Hats off to their screen chemistry! Sunil, a promising actor , for sure. a very much Sathyan Anthikad film…. Must watch for u!!!

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March 5, 2005   3 Comments

So thats TAPMI:-(

Thought lady luck will smile atleast on this birthday, nay….

TAPMI no final call….. yet another fall….

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March 4, 2005   4 Comments


Have a sneak peek into any tourist’s travel diary, you are sure to find a mention of our auto rickshaw. Ubiquitous by its presence on the Indian road (be it rural, urban or the so called rurban), a ric is one of the many threads that unify the diverse fabric called India.

When the hand pulled rickshaw started giving way to motorized versions(automatic), the term Auto preceded(the Rickshaw) and the newer race came to be known just by AUTO , as rickshaw was obvious and redundant. Now with the hand pulled rics slowly moving into oblivion, we do not mind calling Autos, Ric(slick terminology!).

The ric gives us a bumpy ride , the bumpiness depends a lot on the condition or the road, the traffic and the drivers mood! Hamara Bajaj and Lambretta came out with rics , defined by foreigners as a rugged three wheeled motor cycle with a back seat and a cover. They were tailor made to suit our terrain(road?)and people. This Made for India idea came years before Nokia even thought of cell phones(leave Made for India phones).

While traveling in a ric, you have the best time when you are caught in a traffic jam and you have a truck or a bus as your traffic jam neighbor. I would just wish you good luck!

The black smoke from the truck’s exhaust would ruin your day, and you will have a real taste of pollution.

Give a ric a long stretch of empty road, it could um…roo…ooo…mmm(they don’t vroom!) at 30 kmph max. The hardly cushioned seat hurts our butt like hell, still an auto is a luxury for the average Indian, for whom a Cab is pretty expensive.

From the design point of view, hats off to guy who designed the front side. It needs very little space to turn, that’s a very small turning radius(Zip drive?)This is a factor that makes rics one of the largest contributors to road accidents. You never know when a ric is gonna make a turn, indicators are rarely there, or never used.

For a first timer a ric journey may be as scary as hell and even scary at the end(without a bargain and fight with the driver is the journey complete?) Remember last time you fought with the driver ?

If you are late to office, missed the school bus, or in an unknown territory, an auto is you best friend. Before winding this up, here is something to try. Try writing the alphabets while you are in a moving ric. Try with the other hand too.

No difference, right? Feeling ambidextrous?

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March 3, 2005   3 Comments

Bye bye SIBM

Well, there ends the SIBM story.

Me Out….

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March 1, 2005   No Comments