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So thats TAPMI:-(

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Thought lady luck will smile atleast on this birthday, nay….

TAPMI no final call….. yet another fall….

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1 UN { 03.04.05 at 9:49 pm }

From my experience (didnt give CAT etc etc but know bunch of MBAs – both India and from US) — the big thing is Acads (academic performance).

I see that the questions asked to you where high quality and am sure (reading the blog) you gave good answers. Seems you have been at this gig for couple of years now. Guess it is time now for you to re-evaluate your priorities.

Why do you think you need an MBA?
As someone pointed out to succeed (in business) you dont need MBA. MBA gives you management qualities which combined with your core competancy (Chip design, VLSI, OR, Finance or whatever else tickles you) makes you successful.

If you still feel you did like to get an MBA – I suggest you do a Masters in Engineering – get a good grades (without dropping courses — yes top schools are finicky about ATKTs — heck 3.8 GPA is considered bad).
Once you get a good MS degree — your acads wont come into question.

Also in call center – what position are you in — your

2 UN { 03.04.05 at 9:53 pm }

oops comment got cut — so here goes

In Call center what position are you in — floor manager ?? — shift incharge ??

Anyways the point is what you did and are doing currently also helps/mars your chances. Remember schools are trying to pick the top candidates such that they will get good placements thereby increasing the repution — and subsequently attract other top candidates. Hence the criteria always is how likely you are going to be a top candidate — and acads/experience is a sure way to picking.

For example, at Harvard — one sure way of getting in apart from GMAT is if your dad runs a successfull business with turnover above certain threhold. Reason: You are gonna take over that business and in the long run become a successful alumni.

Anyways — if you still have open interview etc then ALL THE BEST

And dont let these rejects pull you down — there are multiple ways of getting to the top. Keep trying. :-)

3 Nikhil NarayananNo Gravatar { 03.05.05 at 2:15 am }

Thanks UN for that wonderful comment…

I am a Call Center Exec in a call center. Gonna take up an MTech in Tech Mgmt and then wait for IIFT results… then XIMB GD PI to go…. tnx again for the pep talk.


4 Krish { 03.06.05 at 2:27 am }

UN has already told all that can be said….As I had told, there is always a better option that than the option you didn’t “get”!!…Try find that option..I bet you will enjoy it…All the best for the remaining interviews…

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