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Posts from — July 2005

Surprise holidays

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Though having done all my schooling in Trivandrum, never did I get the feel of the real Kerala , where a Bandh or a Hartal by any chotta party, or even trade union can be a sigh of relief(or a curse) for a school goer.. I missed all this opportunity by studying in a Kendriya Vidyalaya, which was way beyond the purview of the Dist Collector, who would gladly give off hols to other schools….

I used to curse myself for studying in a KV…

SIBM makes me feel happy…. unexpected hols are that any student will enjoy, whatever his age be….
A few bays back, it was a bomb scare(hoax!!!:-P), which left all of expectantly waiting for that to happen. But things were normal, apart from the whole bldg being cleared the evening….
The hoax was untimely, it was somewhere eround 5:30pm… I thought thats the end of my MBA at SIBM, or prolly the end of SIBM….

Then came the flood holiday… we were asked to clear out as a flood alarm was on….dot at 3pm a flash flood was about to hit …. thats accuracy of prediction…. the flood never came….
Only one qustn remained whether to continue with the pile of assignments for the next day or not…. lots of speculation….. roumor mills running at their best pace….. and voila that was a hol next day……

Yesterday, by the end of the long holiday, I was suffering from Sunday nite syndrome, where one loathes the coming back of Monday……


A holiday lover…

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July 27, 2005   4 Comments

A minor change …

Any small change in my blog makes me feel happy and aroused ….. the minor change now is added “I am consuming ” here. scroll down and check left side….

Wah Taj boliyeh!!!!

Good night…..

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July 23, 2005   2 Comments

A culturally shocked southie from Symbie

So thats the end of another intro season. Freshers’ party is over. No state funda(like RECW) here. Its one single party. RECs eventhough were meant for national integration, the life there revolves around state funda, thats a negation of the basic purpose.

SIBM, is mere “integration”, no national of people,mind ,soul, body(????)
Yes, we had the Freshers’ party yesterday, rather started yesterday. Reached home at 4:00 am. Me never a party animal, not even a party midget if there is such a term for small time party goers.

The funda was that all the juniors had to get a guy/gal from the senior batch(obviously opposite sex) as their “date” and thats the entry to the party. With a skewed sex(umm… gender) ratio, there was no question of all the junie guys getting senior gals….Most of the dates were showered with chocolates and bouquets , thats what the junies had to do. The venue was far way , thats was in Hinjewadi, if I trust Idea Cellular’s towers(thats what was shown on my phone).

It was booze all over. The crowd was rocking. Bangalore would have got a shock, and really be ashamed had he(thats Bangalore personified) come down to the party. Skimpiness was redefined. It reached newer lows, newer (t)highs, newer depths…….

The floor was crowded. Decibels were so high, decibel measuring devices would surely have been ruptured. The junta was dancing, enough to let a Seismograph(oh!! if u dun know whats that, check google) to record mild tremors…..

What I am left with is loss of lots of calories. I swear, I haven’t sweated like this , nowhere in near future. Dancing makes you sweat, proven beyond disbelief.Not even when I was grilled by all the wardens and diro at REC , when accused in a ragging case, did I sweat like this.(yes, I did a bit , I was on the verge of chucked out of the insti-thats well an old story)….

Is there a real gap between the south and the north. I feel yes… otherwise I would not have got a big cluture shock when I saw gals boozing, fagging…non stop. I may sound sexist, I have seen guys boozing….gals never seen boozing like what I saw yesterday… India is diverse… Gandhi was wrong when he said that one should go to rural India, to know what India is. He stands corrected. Its not rural India, its the Metroes and wannabe Metroes that reflects the real picture.

I jump into comparison with RECW in between my Symbi talk… REC did have a cosmo crowd, but smoking and boozing were taboo for the fairer sex, atleast not in open, public…. I guess I am lagging behind…. I am not feeling the real pulse of India…..Gotta catch up…. Adios…..

A culturally shocked Southie-Nikhil

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July 17, 2005   11 Comments

IE is crazy

Its an open fact that IE thats Internet Explorer sux badly. Teh best example for this as far as I am concerned is just try using Mozilla to view my blog and then u will comew to know… IE behaves abnormally with my blog.

The whole of the side bar, becomes bottom side bar. Its at a place where noone will care to scroll down. Google ads , supposed to be on the top right , is at the bottom…. IE is really crazy….

I keep telling now that my blog is optimized for Mozilla, which is just an euphemism of the fact that it doesnt work in IE as it is meant to be..

Never did I do an optimization and stuff, it just happened.

Use Mozilla if u ever plan to spend your time on my blog.

Cheers… gotta class at 9:30…. lots to write abt Aerobix session that I had to venture into yesterday… if enthu prevails , will write… else… assume “I don’t walk the type”

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July 14, 2005   2 Comments

2 weeks of B-Skool classes and my10 point gyaan

This is a piece that I sent to Mad Mag an insti bulletin type… very very unofficial thingie… reference are basically to us and the insti and also the subjects….
I am sure,each one of you must have also felt the same…Here is a list of things I discovered…

1. I got to know that I can do too many tasks simultaneously in class. Reading anovel, feigning to be deeply engrossed in class (with head nods at irregularintervals of time), and completing assignments for the next lecture.

2. Insomnia has no better cure that subjects like Manufacturing Technology.

3. Eventhe loveliest subjects can be made drab and dull.(Think Adam)

4. Themost uninteresting of the subjects like HR (purely personal perception, nooffense meant) is made so interesting.

5. Networkingis the buzzword, how else will I complete the assignments(hats off to the enthupublic around us)

6. ComeFin classes, and engineers get the real feel of being midgets in the class.Commerce guys did a better job in 3 years when engineers wasted 4 years oftheir life.

7. E-learningnegates the basic purpose, the “e” part. The junta hates e, printers andphotocopiers in and around the insti having a tuff time making the e-stuff onpaper.

8. The class is happy and says Wow!!!, even when the dumbest idea(readthe most obvious) is presented as a theory pumped in with jargons.

9. We clap for anything and everything. When someone is caught dozing off, whensomeone answers, when the faculty fails cracking a PJ, whenever…..

10. Remember we were given 2 bags on the 28th of June? Guess they had a couple of books… the best use that I have found is to use the plastic bags as laundrybags.



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July 11, 2005   2 Comments

From one corner of Comp Lab

Me in the Infotech Team that takes care of all IT infra here , website, intranet and consultancy…
Nice to be here… Gotta make , look good. Yes, I know that there is a “scope for improvement”(is this an euphemism for something else)
Dinner not yet…will be back at 8am tommorrow.

Came leter and then posted the piece below:

(edited and added later)Not yet started reading textbooks, let alone studying…I don’t want to fade away in SIBM, no more RECWs… Life without networking is non existent. How else will I do all the assignments. Tons of stats problems to be submitted on Monday, but when am I gonna do that. I am gonna be at the comp lab through out the day.
Boy, when am I gonna complete Kotler, dunno know the names of any more books to share my tension.

2 weeks in a B-Skool taught me, how to manage too many things simultaneously, one combination would be answering to the prof, when he interrupts me while reading a boo, finishing the assignments for the next hr and feigning like scribbing class notes, all simultaneousy…

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July 9, 2005   1 Comment

Sub sixty stories-Prologue

Life continues to be grilling, but now used to the grill. Reading 5 point someone and drawing paralells with RECW life, no Neha there….

Will post the story of sub sixty me(thats my story, later). Blog showing some error, check the yellow triangle down below….

Gotta work on it, to make things perfect…



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July 7, 2005   2 Comments

I am an Anniyan

For the past 2 weeks I have been struggling to watch Anniyan, and it is zimbly not working out. Guess I will be third time lucky , thats gonna be next week.

Last week, E2 was housefull for Anniyan, well… thats a Tamil ovie and this is Pune. Still unable to decipher the number of Tams in Pune. Or don’t they have better job. Or is it that even the malluz like me are in the fray to get a seat , this could be true as I don’t think Mallu movies come upto Pune so often as it does to other cities.

This week, this moview was not being shown in E2 , the only hope was City Pride, which again gave a nay answer. Its housefull this week two. Weekdays its just one show, weekends Morning and Matinee, still we an Anniyan for Anniyan…

In desperation, tried for Sarkar too, thats again housefull…

So, am I gonna be third time lucky… ???

PS:The meaning of the Anniyan, whenever used apart from the name of the movie means Outsider, thats Anniyan in Mallu. Not sure if it means the same in Tamil:-)

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July 3, 2005   1 Comment

Factually Sleeping…

I have a morbid fear of snoring whenever I am on the verge of slipping down to slumber. And if the lecture is Managment Technology , even the worst insomniac will be cured, I promise.

Some facts on “class”ical sleeps:

After a cat nap , your bumchum sitting in the next row, will give a look as if you have never even spoken to each other.

Watch is slower that the proverbial tortoise, second hand is unsually slow.
Eyes, practically glued to watch, during all the moments that you pretend not to sleep and start continuously nodding your head to whatver the faculty says…

Double Vision: A feeling that the faculty and his clone are taking the class.

You are most likely to be distracted and woken up when,
your neighbour answers a question(thrash him, rite)An error message in one of your classmate’s laptop.You being asked a question, and the guy at the back whispering ans to you….

Lesson: Sleeping in class in not injurious to health

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July 1, 2005   4 Comments