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An incommunicado’s insane musings and an SOS !

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It has been long since I blogged. Thanks to the efforts of a smart burgler and SIBM, I am almost incommunicado. The smart guy came last week(Sunday Nite) and broke open to my place, stole my phone. I was sleeping in the hall, and dint even know of the happenings around. Oblivious of ones surroundings, actually…..After a long and tedious shuttling between 2 Police Stations and Idea office, I passified myself that the phone is lost for ever…. nice experience, met a murdrer at Chaturshringi Police Station, heard “Third degree” torture happening…..The thief was smart ‘coz he left Shreyash’s(my roomie-his phone was stolen along with mine) cell somewhere down the apartment ‘coz that was an LG and he dint know that LG makes GSM phones. (They dun take CDMA phones and its very difficult to sell them off!)

Yahoo Mail, Messengers, Hotmail, MSN Messenger , Limewire, E- Messenger are some of the things that have been blocked by the insti. The whole of the student junta is feeling pissed off , the college says abstain from them, we feel deprived….

So laptop is a gadget that can be used to type in whatever you feel like, make ppts, google, EBSCO and SIBM Mail…..

Intrestingly the blockage of websites are turning out to be the shittiest possible.
I can’t go to Unilever Case studies, ‘coz all the case studies’ addresses have the word sex in it. The actual string is something like Rsexscript.
As part of a report making, tried Min of Textiles and EXIM data there…some pages are titled expimp.htm, so PIMP here.. page blocked….
Was searching on Yasser Arafat on BBC World and the search result was blocked since it had the string “butt” in it.

Things like Peacock, Dickenson and Matsushita are some of the search strings that are blocked. The first one has cock, then dick and shit in the third one… before winding up one more.. on Business World India site, there is a detailed report on CANCUN but the page has been mistakely named cancum.htm, there ends the story, thanks to cum in it


Was RAPED in Armageddon 2005, the biz quiz at Mulund College, last Sunday… Me and Rohit(thats my teammate) found both of us to be total ignoramus in front of corporate biggies that included Mastermind Indias and Tata Crucibe Winners….sense of realisation for me…

This week is very very hectic with more than one assignments and ppts every day. Life is getting tuffer and tuffer. Summers drawing near , CV screening by seniors happened.


A request- How do you access Yahoo Mail when you are using a proxy(SIBM LAN). Yahoo Pops doesnt work in this case. Setting other proxies manually is a cumbersome process and may affect internet speed. Some care to help??? also let me know abt a good proxy for Yahoo Messenger….. plz…

Adios again!!!

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1 Himasree { 08.31.05 at 6:05 am }

armaggedon dint go too well?no issues…betetr luck nxt time

2 AnnieNo Gravatar { 09.01.05 at 7:10 am }

Lol “passified’?! And today was our reading literature test! Sheesh!

3 tenalirama { 09.06.05 at 2:42 pm }

If onlu u ld leave all those girls aside & give more time to quizzing!!!

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