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Posts from — October 2005

Four months in a B School and a 1/4 MBAs first semester

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This post is purely a collection of key words of what I did during the first semester and you if are in any B-School or more if u in SIBM, will find some connections to you, basically a sense of de jevu…
Purpose of this post… is to feel nostalgic post SIBM…

Based on real facts and no masala this time….

About the title: This is nothing but what I went thru during my four months in a B-School and so me being a quarter MBA(hope no backlogs) as of now…Chavanni MBA (If I go by Neha Saraf’s words)

Looking back right now, while I am typing this in a Volvo to Bangalore, I am feeling really good at all the happenings.
Amazing experience, life, happenings, moments, people….

Having lost 1/7th of my weight during the last 4 months(that’s 70kg to 60kg), I am feeling really weak. God knows what my parents will tell when they see me as a famished anorexic B-schooler….

(Trivia bite: This weight loss is true with most of the guys, percentage fall varying…. gals getting more and more fatter .or maintaining weight…includes even the “No, I am not hungry, I will survive on Pav Bhaaji and Chaat types”. Names of such people not being revealed for fear of messing up equations)

As said the first sem was a roller coaster ride, meeting interesting ppl, getting into the student council,Kapil, Dhanya… helping out people with their laptop issues and sorting glitches in the lab….creating more issues…shouting at the S-Team…ample amount of fun….lotsa acads… couple of movies….freshers….tonns of assignments…..presentation groups and presentations… innumerable subjects ranging from totally insignificant to really irrelevant to ya.. a couple of good subjects…..getting to know newer nadirs of dumbness…sleeping in class….proxies (thanks to Jatin and Priya Bhatnagar)…

internals and the knowledge management (that’s an euphemism for copying, no we don’t!!!)….surprising internal marks…fights in the council…theft of cell… moving around the police station… report with Jatin…running away when Shreyash and me were accosted by a local goon…all the get together at Alex’s place, the Step In visits…Sailila, Food Court, NCC, Southern Spice, Onam…

Library….Drucker…Sam Walton…Taj and others that I consumed…EBSCO…
all the spoofs that were made using Shreyash’ camera…working for MadMag…group mails on Y!Messenger ban…blogging…..not at all copying in End Sems(unbelievable , but true!!!, no REC again)…Mayur calling me database…me using more and more grey cells to store junk data….a President whom I thought is the biggest prick on earth, found him otherwise later…:-)

Pandu Speaks, which is more or less an open secret….Mumbai visits….quizzes..Rohit Pain..scmhrd, sims, acumen, Armageddon, Aima…BT Acumen days in SPJAIN ….summers, me getting a Blow(plast)job…….The “Reckitt Boy“ Yagga , Farhan, a cancelled Chennai trip and PAT happening to Farhan…..preparing for end sems…night outs…wake up calls(Div and Parul, u there?)….and a fuked up Coonor trip(Hellew Dhanya!!!:-))..

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October 29, 2005   5 Comments


Thats what I was going through for the couple of days… Exams exams on and off…
5 down, 3 more to go…
Had a bad time at Acumen2005… great to have seen Harsha Bhogle and Ramadorai..

Wil be leaving for home on 26th …
MTM, BD and Biz Law exams to go….

PS:Somthing interesting here on orkut, anyone care to explain why Brazil?

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October 21, 2005   5 Comments


Day 0 at SIBM: I was feeling like a prostitute being taken from one GD to the other by a pimp(read PAT and other seniors) without being given any break. I had no clue of how my “customers” where(read which company) or how much they were going to pay…. It was a continuous process and needed tons of stamina for these non stop processes….. Finally at 11:47 , thats 13 minutes before mid day on Day 0, I was “paid” my remuneration….Blowplast India Ltd.

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October 12, 2005   No Comments


Summered in Blowplast Industries

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October 6, 2005   7 Comments

Life still in a limbo


Still in a limbo!!!:-(

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October 4, 2005   3 Comments

Adios to the student council

Adios, Sayonara,au revoir,Tata, Paakkaalaam, Kaanam…. to the IT Team…
No more council work(may sound like an oxymoron in my case)…

3 months of fun, fights with Raksha,Disha, being in the lab, opening and closing the lab, lab audit, cv printing, wi fi configuring, laptop orders, getting the laptops, screwing around with others’ laptops, being a lab assistant, downloading, using the IT Team desktops, using Yahoo Messenger and Mail on IT Team comps, connecting the LAN cable to the laptop…….., team meetings, I-Team meetings, birthdays, passing the buck , irresponsibilties, helping friends, cheap thrill of Wi Fi in the lab(thats exclusive for the team)… and lots more…… END to all that…..

Its tata to the student council……

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October 2, 2005   7 Comments