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Adios to the student council

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Adios, Sayonara,au revoir,Tata, Paakkaalaam, Kaanam…. to the IT Team…
No more council work(may sound like an oxymoron in my case)…

3 months of fun, fights with Raksha,Disha, being in the lab, opening and closing the lab, lab audit, cv printing, wi fi configuring, laptop orders, getting the laptops, screwing around with others’ laptops, being a lab assistant, downloading, using the IT Team desktops, using Yahoo Messenger and Mail on IT Team comps, connecting the LAN cable to the laptop…….., team meetings, I-Team meetings, birthdays, passing the buck , irresponsibilties, helping friends, cheap thrill of Wi Fi in the lab(thats exclusive for the team)… and lots more…… END to all that…..

Its tata to the student council……

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1 aparna acharyaNo Gravatar { 10.02.05 at 7:28 am }

welcome to the muggle world buddy…not that u were really away from it[refer to the oxymoron u mentioned]
and for once u will be on the giving end of the frustration venting ritual
[the daily ritual of IT team bashing[verbal] performed by all the non-IT team members as and when the wi-fi vanishes from range[more often than not],when the printer conks off when the deadline is nearing ,etc……

2 Pratek GuptaNo Gravatar { 10.02.05 at 10:09 am }

Well I agree but I don’t know I was with u through all this. But I dont know I got a lot attatched to all little things and I dunno I wanna leave. As a matter of fact after al those fights and everything S-team was good caring and concerned. Anyways I dunno I will be there for next time or ot but anyways all the three months with the 12 of the people were real fun. I will remember these 12 ppl and 3 months all my life

3 aparna acharyaNo Gravatar { 10.03.05 at 8:11 am }

ooops! someone’s egtting senti……don’t wory prateek,u might as well make it into the j-team too,considering all the tears..err..effort that u hav put in..
all the best anyways buddy ;)

4 Mihir { 10.03.05 at 5:24 pm }

hopefully its not adios forever!

5 I Pat anonymousNo Gravatar { 10.05.05 at 11:45 am }

We can relate to you!!

6 I Pat anonymousNo Gravatar { 10.05.05 at 11:46 am }

But not the magnitude… he he:-)

7 ReenaNo Gravatar { 10.27.05 at 9:47 am }

Strangely enough-we’ll miss you…and no IT-bashing allowed from you ever pal…..

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