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Posts from — December 2005

Kamshet Bhedse

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On 27th, went to Kamshet…and Bhedse…a Buddhist Monastery( a cave far far away, 450 steps to the top)…

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December 28, 2005   No Comments

Mathew Goes to work-Part I

My First attempt at short story writing…pardon me its bad….

The ascending alarm tone from a Nokia 6610 woke him up. Cursing the whole world, his Team Leader Pritam, Team Manager Kishan and himself , Mathew woke up reluctantly , beginning yet another day(night).It was half an hour past midnight. That night too, like every night he felt that time moved the fastest when he was asleep.


Time: 1:00 am.

The cab could come any moment. The shift starts more than an hour later. The cab driver, Gopi will lose 500 bucks if he reaches the company after 2:15. Keeping the front door of his house open, Mathew moves in an out of the house, checking if he can see the headlights of “his” Sumo. He turns the TV on and starts surfing channels at a rate beyond levels of human comprehension. His ears are now tuned to hear that single loud horn, which is an indication of the cab’s arrival. He eyes moving between the TV, his watch and the wall clock. Thoughts like, “has the cab left?” hovers in his mind.

Finally like everyday, Gopi’s cab comes at 1:20. The 20 minutes that he spent waiting for the cab was like a couple of hours of killing time.

Mathew gets into the middle row of the vehicle. He was lucky that Roshan had an off that day. Else he would have had to take the last set of sets, which is the worst one can expect in a Sumo.

The journey to the call center starts. The cab moves at a pace that would feel even Schumacher ashamed(a bit of exaggeration). Gopi can drive at about 100kmph, ‘coz the roads are practically traffic free, except for similar call center vehicles vrooming. After picking up 3 more people, the cab reached Customer Squared Solutions at 2:10am.

Mathew and others woke up from a peculiar state of mind, a state that was a rare combination of sleep, DJ-less Radio City playing not stop, and the cab driver talk (which he does to keep himself awake).

Mathew could either go to the floor and login or go to the roof top canteen and login exactly at 2:30. He thought of being the part of the usual chaos that happens on the floor during shift change. His early arrival as usual will evoke sighs of relief from his TL. The moment he opened the door, he was asked in to login and take 4 chats. It is Murphy’s Law at its peak. Only when Mathew comes in and the evening shift guys are toiling to finish off chats , a peak in inflow occurs. The reason could be the well known truth of agents keeping dead sessions (of the four chat windows, agent may not close a chat that is over, so effectively he has just 3 chats).

His computer is the slowest, thats what he felt. PDF manuals took minutes to open unlike seconds on other comps. Mathew expects the evening shift guys to vacate the floor ASAP so that the pandemonium is cleared. Somewhere aroung 2:56am, all the evening shift agents vacate the floor. Their cab leaves at 3:00am sharp. The cab doesn’t care if someone is late. The driver will buzz off. And no way will he be able to get a “ric” at 3. What guys usually do is to send of customers to other departments or just close the window and blame it on Microsoft. The chat software can never find whether it was the ubiquitous Internet Explorer error or was the window closed:-)

Soon coming–PartII of the story

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December 24, 2005   3 Comments


Missed 70% by a whisker…3 marks….

Still happy….:-)

Think RECW is not repeating…..I have changed(?)

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December 21, 2005   5 Comments

Giri Quiz and my days at L’Attitude 1305

Yet another Giri(Pickbrain) Quiz….QOTB@TAPMI dint repeat….
We were on stage… ended up fourth…at the Biz Quiz at Great Lakes , Chennai…. Winning 4k was a nice deal.

The fest was called L’Attitude 1305, the numbers referring to Chennai’s latitude and some Attitude funda for the fest name.
A fest well tailored, managed , executed….

The accomodation and the venue was the best part of the fest..which other fest will let u stay in a A/C beach resort for free..who else will pick you and drop you at any place you want…who else will reimburse 3AC travel fare ..who else will treat you like a king….who else will offer such prize money…who else will give all participants a memento..where else can all teams on stage for the quiz get hard cash…

Hats off Great Lakes….u r going to be a strong brand….this was your maiden fest…sure things to come are better…even better….
Waiting for L’attitude 1305 in 2006….

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December 14, 2005   5 Comments

I am a Centurion Blogger

Here is my 100th post… I am back from TAPMI…Atharva 2006….we had awesome fun there… Quiz on the beach (QOTB) rocked…though me and Rohit were on the beach itself, dint get on stage. Only corporates were there on stage.

Snapshots from TAPMI…Rest of the snaps , will post on flickr.

PS:The sunset pic was taken by Divya to her

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December 5, 2005   5 Comments