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Posts from — January 2006

Manfest @IIML

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It took almost 25 years after my birth for me to travel to the North. The Northern most point for me was Anand(in Gujrat:-( ) till a couple of days back. Now that status goes to Lucknow. 4 of us and 2 from SCMHRD(Anish and Dinesh) got Manfested. 4 of us had qulaified for the Biz Quiz prelims and SCMRDies were for the Debate. We reached there on 20th early morning by KushiNagar express. We had a rocking time till the time we left Lucknow 40 minutes past midnight on the 23rd.(thats 24th 00:40).

My cell was showing 405 54 as the service provider from the moment I touched Lucknow, still couldnt figure out which service provider that was. On the first day at IIML, I played chess and that too serious chess. Me v/s FMS and then Amity. I played chess after a long long time, a game that I had almost stopped playing when my brother started beating me. Not to mention my losing streak continued.

The climate was cold, really really cold when compared to Pune. Hands could never be taken out of the jacket. Typing each SMS was the worst torture that one could imagine of.

Rohit and me were on stage for the SBI Biz Quiz conducted by Gautam Bhimani. He is nowhere near “good” as a quiz master or as an anchor. He was more or less like a school teacher who wanted the exact answer to give points, c’mon quizzing involves lotsa guessing…some leeway has to be given.

There were shows by KK and Parikrama on second and third nights. The Kingfisher party simply rocked. What else could one call a party where free booze flowed like crazy? Bacchanalian (orgy)????

Left IIML with 2 laptops chocking with movies,ads and Coupling…thanks to DC++…hats off to their Hostel Lan.
Another thing that I really liked was their mess food, though the guys at L say its not good, the grass is always greener…..

On 23rd, we left IIML and went to Bhulbulaiyya(Labyrinth)…wat a place …if u have lots of time …it isnt a tuff maze, but it was fun trying to figure out which door took us where…

Lucknowi Kebab rules …..

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January 25, 2006   4 Comments

All play and no work

Why can’t institutes reach a consensus on event dates. IIML and K both are going to have their fests from 20(21) Jan and their online events are going on now…
Life without Google is a zero, there would have been no life no MBA, no events ….
Busy with the events through the night…and sleeping till afternoon…
Not at all attending classes….its a question of priorities…

PS:Qualified for IIML Quiz to be held on 20th in L

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January 13, 2006   2 Comments

YAT-Yet Another Trek

YAT, to Lohagad and trust me this was a bit arduous, much tuffer than the Kamshet one.
Left Shivaji Nagar by a 6:30am train.

In the local train, there were ads all over, ads of products to cure erectile dysfuction(and its female avatar) and impotency and other variants. A question to the advertizers, Why do you position your products on the train commuters, is it advertising to the masses or that people reach home late have nothing but sex in mind.

Malvali was about an hour away and then we trekked all the way to Karla Caves, prolly one of the oldest Buddhist Monasteries (dating back to 160 BC). Superb carvings…jus wondering how they managed to do it ?

Now I know that all the caves with Buddhist connection are similar in architecture, carvings and location of rooms for the monks.

From the caves we trekked all the way to Lohagad Fort. On our way back we had awesome food at a restaurant(?) down hill. The food was the tastiest in recent times , thanks to the calories that we lost trekking. Even grass would have tasted better than Ambrosia that time!

Click on the image to view more pix.

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January 9, 2006   No Comments

Placements 2006

All on expected lines, SIBM did better ….awesome placements…
Hats off to seniors ….kudos PAT….

Herez the official press release….why should I restate the press release…so link here

SIBM rocked at ICFAI Pune fest. Palit and Pathak rocked the extempore…and me lucky to be with Daniel, Palit and Pathak in winning Ad mads….
and the Business Quiz too we won….

Trekking to Lohagarh and some other garhs tommorrow….


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January 6, 2006   2 Comments

Mahabaleswar trip

New Year eve at Panchgani…tent,camp fire etc…earlier the day Mahabs, boating at Tapola lake..went to various points in Mahabs….
Good fun…
Busy from tmrw…not planning to write a travelogue so….

The pix here

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January 1, 2006   6 Comments