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Sleepy me zzzzzzzzzzzzz……………….

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The last couple of days have been really hectic with me religiously attending lectures making me feel febrile….This semester has been very erratic as far as attendence is concerned, ‘coz of some fest(read quiz) in some obscure college in some corner of India.

Admission process for the incoming batch is going on and since couple of my batchmates are involved in the smooth conduction of the process, the rest of the souls like me have to go through a rigourous grind called Guest Lectures..

It started on tuesday.The first two days were interesting, a sardarji called Duggal and ex TAS hand who spoke lots on pre liberalisation India, Indira Gandhi, Tatas etc…I found it pretty interesting. He was supposedly taking general fin gyaan classes, but to explain every concept he had to either go for a TATA story or a Government story….this is what happens when u serve the TATAs for more than 3 decades……

Today..was a totally drab lecture by a Bharti guy, some Mitra…He killed the topic…What I expected was some gyaan on the rise of the sector, various M&A s that lead to the present scenario etc…

But what he had to deliver was the cliched story of booming sector, emerging India, rural opportunities etc…I thought I will get atlease one solid info from the session, but couldn’t write even one word on the pad that I had….thats what the session was all worth..
after a heavy lunch from Sai Leela, me sitting in the library trying to beat an imminent attack of Morpheus with a technology developed by Pyra(Blogger)….
no….Morpheus wins hands down….zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz……………………..

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