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Posts from — April 2006

8 out of 10 cats prefer Whiskas-Who said?

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Very close Dadar TT bus stop, saw an ad for Whiskas that said “8 out of 10 cats prefer Whiskas When Effem India(the makers of Pedigree,Whiskas and Sinckers ,Mars chocolate) recruited guys for Summers, they were fed(not by the company) with an idea of the worst MR ever. That they will have to do a consumer satisfaction survey or work towards a new pet food launch.The fact remains, making human beings sign up to answer questionaires is itself as difficult as it can be(been there, done that),what about animals…not happening… So there fear wave that the Effem interns would have gone through before they got a project unrelated to animals is understandable. (None of them is doing projects related to pet food, all with chocolates…:-p)

Now coming to the most important thing,how the hell do these guys(Effem)know the preference of Cats!!!C’mon,are they trying to tell us that they have done a survey among cats and figured out this 80% acceptability for their product. This ad line is from the early 1980s(thats what a Google search told me) and it had to be slightly modified to sound somwhere close to true,probably due to some customer activism(not end user activism:-p)

The “8 out of 10 Cats prefer Whiskas” was later changed to “8 out of 10 owners who expressed a preference said that their cats preferred Whiskas”. The second slogan is too long to be called a slogan. Why don’t these guys understand that India is not a market where any kind of “false”,”misinforming” advertizing will work! Is ASCI(Advertising Standards Council of India) listening?Their website is down!!!

PS:Could not get the said ad,Googled couldnt find…’coz the ad is from pre internet era

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April 28, 2006   2 Comments

You are in the queue

This is the message most of us are used … what…never tried calling up BSNL customer care,enquiry etc.
This place also tells me the same…..

I have not seen people queuing up to enter a garment store…have seen that here
Never have I seen people queuing up to get into a bus and the latter part of the queue being rejected entry into it
I even saw people queuing up to take passes to enter BMC, Brihan Mumbai Corporation for the uninitiated.
This place houses half the population of my mallu land.I jus get psyched thinking about this fact, half the population of Kerala, freak!!!!
Today was a day I discovered that all state govt/municipal offices are similar.Indias is united.There is no diversity when it comes to such things. The same old offices,fans making squeakish noise due to their old age(wat a color boy!!!why did they buy White fans)…files with calico flaps and “naada”….yawning employees…pan eater’s paradise,go to anybody they will direct you to another corner,”u r the ball in their court”….
Got the above gyaan after spending almost a day in BMC office.
Gotta catch up with some ward offices tmrw…..

ICE Age 2 enters the list of flicks watched during summerz…amazing animation


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April 24, 2006   5 Comments

Thinking somewhere between B’lore and Mumbai

At a time when all the states are trying to lure as much foreign investments as possible, the Bangalore riots indeed would have proven detrimental to the Bangalore’s efforts, atleast for a short time.An interesting article from Business Line on how Bangalore became what it is today….traces the history of the IT Capital of India to times when TI landed there.

Today happened to be another bad day in Mumbai. Another,’coz day before yesterday(Wednesday) there was a strike by all the restaurent owners, that made ppl like me end up not having a proper dinner.One grave mistake that I do every day is not going through the sleazy and third rate sheets of newsprint that come as the Times of India brand.They think they are smart enough to give Mumbai Mirror for free with TOI, so that “readership” of MM is atleast that of TOI.Cheap trick, but works.I get to see(not read) the same news, the same rape,molestations,robbery,credit card fraud,bad roads,dance bar stories in both the bundles(TOI and MM).They have a decent section called international..and a business page which gives you ET “samkshipt roop mein”(thats me talking Hindi:))

Mumbai Times, is trash….every day they have,”Ashmal, Akbar and Afzal” or “Natasha and Manisha”…or some names that you have never head of…whoz seeing whom…..who partied when…who met whom in which party…who is interestd in all these crap..I feelthis daily….but then “Somebody must be there reading this crap, else why should they print these stories”……Oh ya, digressed a lot from what I was trying to say,so end up knowing no local news…

Today morining, Dadar TT bus top..I saw no one there, I was wondering if I were late? After a couple of minutes, I found that BEST is striking today. So after Anti VAT strike by restaurent owners, what happened to the BEST employees??Same old issues, salary, increment etc…any HR managers listening???

So came to office by a cab:(
Now I know one thing, the strikes,bandh, hartal image of Kerala that has been created is jus bad publicity by the anti Kerala lobby….these things are everywhere….be in Blore or Mumbai….

Edited Later:Here is a must read for all those guys who say B’lore has lost, people are mad…

Wrote this in the morning, posting in the evening as Blogger was down…beat that!!!

PS:I have got 15300 pixels at Indian Million Dollar Page and I have given links to many blogs I know. All the grey pixels are owned by me!!!
I do not mind linking some of the pixels to blogs,orkut profiles etc (for free), but would like to rake in some good moolah by placing some company ads…anybody listening??

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April 21, 2006   6 Comments

Vishu aasamsakal:)

Wish you all a Happy Vishu…Vishu aasamsakal…also Happy Bihu/Baisakhi/Bengali Nabbarsh/Tamil Puthandu….

The pic above is Cassia Fistula or Kanikkonna,an important part of Vishukani
PS:Unicode for Malayalam is not there on this desktop,my lappy has it, didn’t bring Aasamsakal in Manglish:)

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April 14, 2006   3 Comments


Offlate I have been watching too many movies. By the time I left Pune, there was jus’ one movie that was being screened and it to “to watch” list. It still remains in that line(Eternal Sunshine…) Post exams and somwhere that season, covered RDB,Syriana,Crash,Being Cyrus…thats all I remember….Syriana was a movie that I could not understand fully.
Last week, when I landed here, I watched the movie again at some place in Bandra(?) with Mayur and Rohit.The theatre could accomodate prolly less than ppl, was so small.Seemed like a private screening, not really though.The place was so small and silent that even opening of a Lays packet would disturb the whole audience and ppl would start looking to the direction where the noise originates.

After one week of summering, yesterday watched Charlie and the Chocolate Factory at IMAX. The place, seemed to me like a planetaurium.The screen is hemispherical and is right above your head.
The major issue starts in close up shots, it becomes difficult for the viewer to understand what it is. The Audio and effects are just mind boggling.

The biggest shocker came as the cost of the ticket, it was jus 100 bucks..a comparison with Pune E2 was irresistible.Its either IMAX trying to rope in volumes or that E2 is just squeezing out the blood from poor Pune ites.

Signing off!!!

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April 9, 2006   1 Comment

Summerz..thats it

After 5 days of life as a summer intern, here I go.My first Summer post.Mumbai as I have understood in the past 5 days is big, long to be precise.Geography of this city is what I am still picking up, hope to do it by the end of summer, or my company will make me do that.

My 5 paisa gyaan on the Mumbai I saw, I feel, I smell…
The ubiqutous Black and Yellow Taxi Cabs, BEST Buses in Red and the local trains ….and the thousands of people moving in all possible directions….(Keeps wondering what would have happened to PAL if there were no taxis….a huge spare parts industry for PAL cars must be thriving ,just because of them.)
A city where half the population can in no way help you with directions, ‘coz they are as ignorant as you…they jus’ know how to go to their workplace and back!
At any given point of time, one can see 3-4 ppl spitting on the road, thats as far as the areas that I have been to.Roads are kore or less like spittoons.Travelling to and from work place takes half the energy and time of an average denizen.Mumbai is a place where socialism rules.Any one can survive in Mumbai.One big indicator being the availabilty and cost of food.The price range is vast. Its your take where to choose from.You have food available every where…u have Vada Pav, Pani Puri , and cone ice cream all around you..

Traffic most of the times moves at snail’s pace..or even slower..Walking on the roads without dashing into anyone is just not possible.This is a place where you can find any TG(Target Group).Jus to digress, TG is a word that I have been listening to like some mantra for the past one week.

Traveling in the second class in local trains is an ordeal by itself. Leave travelling, the “journey” starts from the queue to take tickets, the scuffle to enter the train fully or partially, the struggle to rest a bit,part or full of your butt onto a seat…or to be pushed to either sides by a wave of humanity that gets into the train and goes out…..It is not a joy ride in these trains…an amalgamation of stench emanating from human sweat,the rusting iron …a treat to the olfactory senses.

Another advantage is you need not walk on the foot overbridge, the wave will just sweep you to the platfrom you wish to….

I am still not able to figure out the logic of finding which station comes to your right and which one to the left, which appears to be very simple by the way people answer. To complicate things, there are 3 lines..western,central and harbour.
Having covered half of Western and parts of Central, its miles to go before I end this journey…

Too many things puzzling me….too many questions still unanswered…I am loving this city….

Love you Mumbai:-*

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April 7, 2006   11 Comments