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Offlate I have been watching too many movies. By the time I left Pune, there was jus’ one movie that was being screened and it to “to watch” list. It still remains in that line(Eternal Sunshine…) Post exams and somwhere that season, covered RDB,Syriana,Crash,Being Cyrus…thats all I remember….Syriana was a movie that I could not understand fully.
Last week, when I landed here, I watched the movie again at some place in Bandra(?) with Mayur and Rohit.The theatre could accomodate prolly less than ppl, was so small.Seemed like a private screening, not really though.The place was so small and silent that even opening of a Lays packet would disturb the whole audience and ppl would start looking to the direction where the noise originates.

After one week of summering, yesterday watched Charlie and the Chocolate Factory at IMAX. The place, seemed to me like a planetaurium.The screen is hemispherical and is right above your head.
The major issue starts in close up shots, it becomes difficult for the viewer to understand what it is. The Audio and effects are just mind boggling.

The biggest shocker came as the cost of the ticket, it was jus 100 bucks..a comparison with Pune E2 was irresistible.Its either IMAX trying to rope in volumes or that E2 is just squeezing out the blood from poor Pune ites.

Signing off!!!

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1 SreejithNo Gravatar { 04.11.06 at 9:16 am }

Hey U missed Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind? Its a great movie. I have already watched it more than once :)

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