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2 years is a long journey

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Blogging is the most irregularly irregular thing that I do. Since my project has moved to an “almost complete” stage, I thought of penning my thoughts.

Its been 2 years since I started blogging(started on 21 May 2004).That was about a year before I got into a B School.
My tryst with blogging and blog hopping started sometime in mid 2003 when I stumbled upon Anirudha Marathe and Venkat both from IIML and Sathish I used to be in love with their blogs, and they used to be updated regularly.Even in my wildest dreams, I did not believe that blogging would become this big or WEB 2.0 would come or that Google would be GOD in this e-world. The world was still getting back on track after the celebrated bubbled burst.

This was the time when probably none of the biggies of the blogosphere even thought of blogging. I blog hopped because,I was an unemployable engineer from a premier T School , a thoroughly confused engineer, who had no clue on what to do even the next day.

Confusions and indecisiveness galore and they multiplied.
Confused whether to keep continuing the job search or try getting into a B School. Confused whether to move out of Trivandrum and try to get any damn job or not. Confused whether I had a future. I had to keep myself occupied to avoid me from getting into the self introspection mode and ‘coz that would make me feel like a loser , lost in the battle of life.

Online Job search was just another time pass(ya, really), because I had no knowledge of electrical engineering except the names of the subjects, had no programming knowledge(except some basic C, I hated to code, still hate). Only plus point was, I was ready to do anything that kept me occupied or help me save from the messy big bad ugly world of joblessness.Was ready to pursue any damn course that would interest me, be it MBA or History or writing for any magazines.Life began and ended in front of a Pentium II machine with which took enough time for a mouse click to make me feel that the “click” actually went all the way through the wire to the CPU…..

Apart from mailing friends,chatting and surfing like a freak, I used to apply for atleast 2-3 jobs daily. I edited my CV, to suit job requirements. Subscribed to all online job sites.
I could not apply to any PSU jobs thanks to my acads and also not being from the reserved category.

Half the ads in employment news asked for attested copies of mark sheets.
How the heck would I get them attested, when I felt so pity even looking at them. (Never shown them to my dad till now!!!)
Going to any of my neighbours and showing them those umpteen sheets of paper(ya, there were many) and asking them to attest, would be like taking them to a cliff and asking them to jump at gun point!!!Never could anybody around imagine that , an above average guy who joined an REC, after doing really well in school for 12 years and a good CEE rank, would end up with too many marksheets with a sprinkling of single digits and zeroes.

With all the possible part time teaching jobs and efforts to strike a deal to do research for ACV(Asianet Cable Vision) for their quizzes, life was difficult.Shuttling between rival coaching institutes taking sessions without each other knowing it. (unethical,….but I had to rake in some moolah)

On some days , time was in plenty. Either it was off season for coaching instis or off season for me(misaligned stars).

Life was going through a rough patch.
The dream of getting a plum job after REC had ended up as a mere pipe dream.Priorities during college days had changed from good job,any job, to getting good acads, to managing 60% , to somehow finish the ordeal (raw deal?) in 4 years. Achieved just the last one.
The only hope that I had ,was that I knew I was good, or not bad. I had a good score in CAT 2002.It is just because of this score that I continued taking B School tests.

Life was really really bad.As bad as it could be. I used to think that one day even I would start a blog. And then say naah…Let me get into a B School and then I will start.That was not happening and was getting so boring and tiring to wait for “that day” to start blogging.

Later I joined CCS. That was in April 2004. and its shout box was the only relief during night shifts, apart from responding to dumb but rich American customers.

And it was 2 years ago in May 2004 , after a tiring graveyard shift , I started this blog.

Life has really changed.I used to long for the day, I post as a B Schooler.And now,I am halfway through the so called B School grind.

I will be having my summer internship presentations next week. Little did I know that I would continue blogging for this long.

And I am doing this, as always I am game to do anything that gives me a high…and blogging indeed does that to me…….

Signing off
A Happy 2 year old blogger

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1 pramod { 05.19.06 at 10:28 am }

Congrats Nikil !!
Good that U were able to sustaine the bloger in U this long!!
I started off in all glory on a afternoon and then every ither day i think ..yeaH 2day i need to blog but this happens every day !! So im quite comforatble reading whats others have to say !!
Much easier right..hahaha
Probably will be making it full time when I get to B school !!
Probably u hav a lot happening there to fuill a BLOG..

Cheers and Happy blogging

2 Anonymous { 05.19.06 at 1:58 pm }

happy birthday nikmuse!
you started writing for yourself but now you have to continue for all of us.I was waiting for you to write something on yourself rather than election images or kashit pics…
This one is fulfilling.
Congrats once again!

3 ApuNo Gravatar { 05.19.06 at 9:50 pm }


This was a real good post. Read sumthin touchin after a long time. Tough times dont last. Tough ppl do. I guess the cliche is true. Ur urge to blog survived thru tough times and u actually sustained it for 2 yrs. Kudos to u.

4 vinay { 05.22.06 at 3:40 pm }

Good dude – Happy 2nd Birthday. Did u have a blast reading the posts u wrote back then? I love doing that. Reading what one had written on that day / week years back always brings that warm feeling.

take care and keep writing

5 Nikhil NarayananNo Gravatar { 05.23.06 at 5:12 am }

Ya I do, that indeed brings in a sense of joy , relief , and warmth…
Tnx da

6 willfully_uninterstingNo Gravatar { 05.24.06 at 7:36 am }

you just need to hang on for a second or more and it makes all the difference. glad you did that.


7 anuNo Gravatar { 05.26.06 at 9:14 am }

nice one.. there is a lot of sincerity in ur writing..
keep it up..!!

8 Nikhil NarayananNo Gravatar { 05.26.06 at 5:24 pm }

Ya, I write abt me, so its genuine and sincere :)
tnx for visiting

9 tenalirama { 05.27.06 at 1:05 pm }

ooh that was touching!!.. where’s my kerchief.. ok jokes apart… for once ..coming straight from the heart, eh!..Keep blogging macha!

10 adarsh { 05.29.06 at 4:31 pm }

you have narrated everything ri8. but missed ur short innings in the dept of futures studies pitch. may be end up as retired hurt

11 Nirmala { 05.30.06 at 6:28 am }

Enjoyed reading the straight-from-the-heart post. Congrats! Am sure, as we all were in school, that you will definitely come out with flying colors :-) Great to see that happening!

12 sunilNo Gravatar { 06.04.06 at 7:24 am }

hey..i’m from trivandrum, EEE btech, NITW..abt to enter 3rd i hate my acads here…..already planin a career change of sorts….

i detest everythin in my branch….have 2 more years left to last tho…

13 Nikhil NarayananNo Gravatar { 06.04.06 at 5:49 pm }

@Sunil dude,watever DO NOT neglect acads….somehow manage decent grades..
else lifez gonna be tuff….
career change, MBA is the best option arnd :P
if u in tvm now, call me -2362079..
me home till 11th JUne

14 Shankar IyerNo Gravatar { 06.29.06 at 7:53 am }

keep it on Boy!!..keep blogging!! i surely drop in ..on and off…nice post…


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