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Posts from — June 2006

Rain rain…

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It is something that I miss….I miss whenever I am out of Kerala…Coming from a city where it rains almost everyday, (thanks to its topography and geography),I keep wondering how can it not rain for so many days!!!Why days, even months…be it Warangal or Pune, rains strictly follow the instructions given by the MET office and arrive only when they say…a story quite different from my Mallu land.

I remember the days, when I used to go to school partly by KSRTC bus and partly by walk. I used to take a short cut through lush green paddy fields(For anyone from Trivandrum reading this, I’m talking about the place behind Udiyannoor Temple, Maruthankuzhi.Walking for 5 minutes through the field would take me to the Pangode Cantontment).I am sure atleast parts of the paddy field that existed during those times(late 80s) would have condescended to the real estate boom that the state is witnessing now.During the rains, I used to loath myself for my inabilty to control my umbrella that would always go upside down…I used to wonder if the wind that blew would take me to the gushing streams just a step away….looking back ,walking through the thin slippery separators(varamb in Malayalam) that separated the fields from each other,looking into the overflowing streams that irrigated the fields….keeping my eye balls in-sync with the flow of the streams trying to locate a water snake (Neerkoli in Malayalam)….enjoying the awe and fear of seeing a snake….making sure that my rain coat does not allow water to seep into the school bag….closing my eyes and holding the umbrella firmly whenever a lightning and thunder struck….so firm as to get my wet palm imprinted with the groves on the umbrella handle…..and ….

finally reaching home, drenched to the last skin, inspite of having worn a rain coat or having had an unbrella that succumbed to the forces of nature, having carried litres of water in my shoes……

and the happiness of opening the gate and ringing the calling bell continuosly with my wet finger……till mom opened the door….and throwing away the school bag , the wet shoes to the farthest corner…and start undressing there itself….and a mom who would ask me to take a shower ….presumably because of me having trudged my way through the water, partly dirty, partly rainy…..and then as the kid in me, barely ten quite reluctuntantly succumbs to maternal concern for hygiene and decides to look into options of changing mom…..

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June 27, 2006   11 Comments

A football frenzy state

PS:This post was typed on board the TVM-Mum flight on 11th June 2006,posted later

After a week in Kerala, I am on my way back to my B School.The small one week break, just flew past.

Just finished a week’s sojourn in God’s own country. A land where,football flows through the veins of every single denizen.A land where Ronaldinho posters and cutouts can be found even in the smallest of the bus stops…where Brazilian, Arentinian flags could be found more than the national tricolor….where roads painted wishing various teams good luck…where local football clubs cheer up their favourite teams, where my nephews who are barely into high school talk about Micheal Owen , Balak… who can identify all the players… a media that spends most of its time and energy on football…(even the magazines and TV programs targetted on kids makes sure that the football craze of the kids is catered to)…..people who watch every match, no matter they bunk work/school the next day……where there are enough contests in newspapers and TV on who is going to be the top goal scorers, winning teams for every match etc giving away Alukkas And Kalyan gold as prizes..where I could see cars and autos with football posters….and painted with their team flags………where people are just mad about the game……

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June 14, 2006   1 Comment