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The world of mallu Ks

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The K serials have become so obnoxiously omnipresent across all the family TV channels. This makes me feel, the thread of unity in diversity is going very strong in the country. Be it Malayalam, Tamil or any other language channel-K (or other letters that sound similar) is the order of the day.

Malayalam Mega serials that are spread across the biggies like Asianet,Surya are abominable to say the least. I remember days when serials were short and would end in 13 episodes flat…those were the good old DD days, and they were weekly episodes. Not that serials were great, but we knew for sure that they are going to end. Later came the era of daily episodes, and that was the beginning of the rotten era!

The guy who discovered the demand for Ks(even before the Ks came) has to be a demi god. It has revolutionised (read made richer) so many , on screen and off the screen.

A typical Mallu mega serial viewer knows that what is being shown is crap,but he/she takes the story to heart, invests some part of his mental acumen to analyse/predict/connect to the run of the mill tear jerker stories.

Every viewer feels that , he/she is sensible enough not to accept the unending drab, but would sit through every second of the soap.Why Why? Won’t these people have anything better to do?
Mallu soaps have too many specialities. One being its cast that keeps changing, mostly ‘coz the actors move onto other channels or get into better (a)vocations. These changes just bring in a knee jerk reaction among the producer director script writer one in all guy….he will bring in another actor/chuck the character, launch a campaign announcing a sudden twist , the death of the character or even the stupid idea of the character going in for a plastic surgery for the face!!!
Seriously dumb right???

The talk is that joining a Mega Serial cast is like getting a government job(plus no VRS), with even pension from some association like Amma or Accha or Macta, whatever they are called. You are going to be there with(in) the same serial as long as you want. The idiotic audience will be glued to the TV software that is being produced(ya, some TV serial production houses call themselves TV software houses)and the story will drag on and on, as long as TRPs get them advertisers.
The cast is happy,the advertisers are happy….the average malayalee is the happiest!
Mega Serials, one from the original K company, (Kavyanjali produced by Ekta Kapoor) has been running for almost 2 years on Surya TV!

It usually happens that when someone leaves home for a serial shoot, friends and relatives see him off, ‘coz they never know when he is going to be back!!!!
(the fact remains that mega serials are not short in one go)

About the twists and turns in the thread, the people behind the serial is clueless on what has to be done to the character…so they drag on and on, according to popular demand include newer twists,characters, and even the plot changes if at all there exists one.The script is tailor made to suit market demands, I am sure there is no industry that is so customer centric!

Just praying for better TV programmes…….


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1 SajithNo Gravatar { 11.30.-1 at 12:00 am }

Since when did you start spending so much time watching the serials that you came up with this great analysis?

2 sreejithNo Gravatar { 07.29.06 at 6:01 am }

There were good serials in DD many years back.
Still remember the serial version of “Balyakala Smaranakal” by Madhavi kutty telecasted in DD atleast a decade back.

3 pushkalaNo Gravatar { 07.29.06 at 5:31 pm }

awesme post!

4 Hiren shahNo Gravatar { 07.30.06 at 11:12 am }

A serial is like a river; one never knows where it will turn next.

5 Sandeep Kurur { 07.31.06 at 5:10 am }

I noticed something truly hilarious on Asianet yesterday. Asianet has invited viewer’s comments and opinions on the plots of all its serials and the progress of the storylines. Is this interactive TV in its truest sense? If that is the case, I can drive the serial the way I want! I can decide whether I want the hero to be stabbed to death by the villain in the 241st episode or lynched by a violent mob incited by the villain in the 5618th episode. Phenomenal and totally democratic, isnt it? :-)

6 Nikhil NarayananNo Gravatar { 07.31.06 at 6:48 am }

@Sree agreed da
@Push tnx
@ Hiren well said
@Sandeep Innovations in media , they call it [:P]

7 Nikhil NarayananNo Gravatar { 08.01.06 at 12:31 pm }

da, u jus need to watch a single episode of any serial , to come up with such analysis..its all trash….

8 Ajith Prasad BNo Gravatar { 08.02.06 at 2:55 pm }

The ever present ‘sthree’ is still continuing nowadays..It started when I was in 9th or 10th..Now, even after 9 years or so, it has enough material to make our women cry… A glad aspect is that, MadhuMohan stopped making serials..:)

9 Nikhil NarayananNo Gravatar { 08.03.06 at 5:23 am }

true da ….its a ridiculous STATE of affairs

10 Prateek GuptaNo Gravatar { 08.03.06 at 11:00 am }

Nice post…by the way I keep on wondering how all these women, end up differentiating all the serials, I some how feel that all these serials are same..It’s just the names change :)

11 Shankar IyerNo Gravatar { 08.04.06 at 9:16 pm }

Nice post…..point well brought out..

12 Mihir { 08.07.06 at 11:55 am }

umm slight deviation from mallu serials..but am really fixated with this K syndrome..would luv to knw who started far as my memory goes..Rakesh Roshan started naming all his directorial ventures with ‘K’..anyone knows sumone who was bugged with the K thing before rakesh roshan?

13 pramodNo Gravatar { 08.18.06 at 7:14 am }

Serial provide that awesome oppourtunity for the women folks at home to go on to a crying spree.

Mostly that happens when the most beloved Character happens to lose their eye sight(Revathi character in Minnarum) or losse their juss born kid (Sree serial on Asianet)or Chucky mol being dumped in an orphanage(Ammamanasu) It cud be Kaka Shankaran’s antics+ What Kochunni will do to counter Anantharaman or Musa Kutty!!

The list is endless … I got no other go than watch it or juss come home late …that is better than interfering inthe soap that goes on and on … Phew they dont even allow to change the channel even when it is a commercial break as the SUDDEN twist cud be right there when you change it !! No one what to take any chances .So even if it is the ad stay put…dare not leave any where…

Serials have numbing experiance in the viewers mind. they carry these thoughts with them through out the day to be refreshed by the new addition that add up during the subsequent episode.

Another thing that I noticed is the withdrawal syndrome . Remove the serial and most of them sulk and go into a deep depression …

Lets hope the channels bring something interesting rather than tweaking the same format

14 jacob { 09.08.06 at 9:07 am }

This serial killing in malayalam tv channels started with madhumohan’s mega serials on Doordarshan.He produced and directed serials(not sure whether he alone wrote the script) and acted in lead role, with three or four heroines:)

15 RamanNo Gravatar { 12.05.06 at 4:16 am }

Sitting in Bangalore I feel ashamed to watch serials shown on Malayalam channles. Most of these are downright ridiculous, low-brow and bereft of any plot or directorial skills. I happened to watch one comedy serial at 10 pm and it was awful and shocking. I don’t know why people are watching stupid serials like these, which should have been thrown to the waste basket by another channel. On weekends also there no programme to be proud of as most of the fare dished out is either song contests or absolute slapstick in the name of mimicry.

16 karthik narayanNo Gravatar { 01.07.07 at 8:37 am }

hi thanks for linking my blog address to ur blog… happy new year. also visit my bloggerkn blog when u find time.

u a mallu kya??

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