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Lonely Socks

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PS: Since I am in a Bschool and it has been ages since I left school,there may be grammatical issues as far as the use of the word socks is concerned.

The issue of lonely socks and the fate of missing socks….I am sure is a serious problem

All of us can connect to it.At home, socks go missing from the washing machine.The innumerable singleton socks that are left out can never never be paired, even by the best of the match makers. These unpairable singletons defy all known laws of probability. Even if 25 singletons are there,it is sure that there would be not even one pairable dual!!! It is mismatches galore and not a single pair!
One more question , why don’t I lose a pair of socks, why jus’ one?

Back home if its washing machine that gives birth to singleton socks,the kaam vaali bai in Pune manages to do this here. Though on the clothes line, they stay paired, somewhere after that, from clothes line to bed/chair(thats how dried clothes move to the wardrobe)…the unfortunate thing happens.

One from a pair is lost :-(
I am sure no one takes away one socks, so where is it going?Thats the million dollar question!!!
There is nothing more mysterious to me than this….nothing more frustrating….
Tieing them up may solve the issue, but this can not be done ‘coz they need to be washed independently.

No scientific or quasi scientific phenonmenons can explain the reason behind this problem of loneliness….

Waiting for help……


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November 25, 2006   7 Comments