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Posts from — December 2006

The Irony of Adsense

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Is Vijay Mallya listening??? Now you know why you still make losses in spite of such media coverage ;) Hope Kingfisher Airlines ad comes sometime next :)
All the best Mallya!

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December 25, 2006   10 Comments

A hate story

This is a story of a he and she. It may be a work of fiction or may be just facts.It is not a love story. It is a story that has hatred,revenge,back biting,ego clashes and a host of other intangible negative qualities as threads that go helter skelter.
And the story happened not in one day or two. It went on for 2 decades to come to a more or less happy ending.
It ended because of only one thing, the realisation between both of them that they are “grown up” and should not haggle over petty issues like in school.

He and she were classmates.Not for one year, but for 12 long years.By some stupid decision of destiny, he nor she changed school.She was comfortable being the topper in class.And she was happy about that, proud she was.But….for him she was just another girl who goes by the rote, had no brains…and did not let him top the class.
He hated to admit she was intelligent.He thought she was a prick, as ass, a pain!!! He would join any discussion trying to tarnish her reputation.Be it her new hairstyle or anything that is silly!

The only thing he enjoyed that she did was her voice…ya, she sang Carnatic vocal…and he listened to them whenever she sang be it in intra school competitions or in class…this even he hated to admit…admitting such a thing with regards to the best rival in town would amount to harakiri and blasphemy!!!

Whenever she scored well in tests, he joined guys in discussing how much biased teachers were towards her…any opportunity given to mock at her was not wasted……

Leaving just the two of them in a room would have made sure one was dead, that was how much they hated each other…(actually, this is very true from the HE side, not sure from the SHE side)

The best attempt from his side was a no confidence motion to impeach her from the School’s Asst Leader’s post. He joined hands with a like minded soul and gathered voted to impeach her….their idea was simple, any democratically elected “leader” can be dethroned by the same people who elected her.Almost being on the verge of being thrown out of school was more than enough for him and his friends to shove up such plans up theirs and keep mum!!!

She also hated him for sure. why else should she gift him a shampoo sachet to clean his dirty brains!!!(oh!, she admitted he had brains ;P )

Their face-offs ranged telling his parents that he ‘cheated’ in exams to pulling off the MCPish articles and jokes put up by him on the class notice board.

Its been more than 8 years since they left school. She has been in Singapore ever since and he has tried taking so many roads oft taken by others, finally about to making himself useful to this world.Thanks to orkut,blogs and other new age networking ideas, they are still in touch. They talk better now, with not even an inkling of competition, with not even an iota of animosity…times have changed…..this is growing up :) And now he openly admits she was/is brainier ;)


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December 14, 2006   12 Comments