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Posts from — August 2007

Indian Copy Paste Landscape

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We Indians call ourselves the masters of copy paste.
I realized foreign companies can give a run for our money.

Check the image for instance…

Print Screen of Marketrx’s Career section(This company is up for sale , Infy and Wipro in the fray) and Allianz Cornhill .

Hail Copy Pasters!!! :D

Na, we are still the best….this is mere coincidence…or the lady moved from one company to the other ;P

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August 31, 2007   6 Comments


There was a time when I (like many Indians) failed to understand the concept of selling bottled water. Coming from a place where drinking water is not at all scarce (let alone some pipe breakages or pumping station break downs), I could hardly imagine that people actually pay ten bucks for a liter of water. At a time when, ten rupees was worth a lot more than what it is today, shelling for a bottle of water was a bit too much. And I used to think, why cant people carry water from home if they are going out?The brainy me would brand these people fools, rather than realizing I was lucky.

In spite of repeated warnings from my mom, I have had gallons of tap water, mostly because I felt it is better than the lukewarm Karingali water which everybody else had at home. And nothing gave me more pleasure than disobeying mom :D
Nothing happened to me having tap water, luckily! Times have changed. I don’t get to have Karingali water any longer, nor do I get the “safe to drink” tap water from Kerala Water Authority. I can’t even remember the taste of the well water in Payyanur. :-(

I realized that water indeed is precious!
It has been ages since I have had tap water. The convenience of bottled water was sold to me as well. I don’t mind buying a bottle of water when I am out, and used to buy a lot of them in Pune.
Having a 20 liter dispenser at home was unthinkable, which I could connect only to seminars and offices. In Bangalore , its a must have for us. Rarely do I carry water while traveling. Its more convenient to buy a bottle of bottled water (as they have to call it) than having an used bottle filled.

Even I have changed. I don’t even bat an eyelid spending on water…..convenience sells……indeed

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August 17, 2007   3 Comments

Freedom spirit in the menu!

Spirit of India oops… Congress even in the menu!

Look closely for the Congress Burfi and check out the same on the right

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August 14, 2007   4 Comments