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Posts from — September 2007

How I forwarded my domain to my blog

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Finally I manage to do it. After hours of effort,mails,and asking people on how to forward by domain to my blog,I find the solution and it works!!!

I have mailed Rediff (who sold me atleast 50 times(yes,50 times) they could not help.
Whatever I do as they suggested, the subdomain would go to
I guessed that is because my blogspot blog does not have a static IP , and everytime I resolve my blogspot blog URL to an IP and try that IP , it leads to Google. So that was the problem.
Rediff kept telling, everything fine from their side. Check with blogger.

Had mailed blogger a couple of times, and they said, it may not work in this specific case blah blah!!!
Please, how can such a simple thing not have an ans.
Poor me, created a tripod page, kept a domain forward there to my blog with the hope that my tripod page would have a static IP! nay, it did not work!! :( Phew!!!! Maddening effort I felt at so many points of time…

Then I thought its high time, I go through Google Groups and yes!! the solution was there! I was not the only one, so many folks faced the exact same problem. I mailed Chuck and he replied.

One thing to note, it takes almost 24 hours for the whole thing to take into effect.

The steps are given below

1)Go to your domain control panel
(In my login to go to Rediff Domains and Control panel of
2)Click on CNAME
3)Enter Alias as whatever you would like to have before your domain name to be your new blogger address. In my case Alias, is blog, so that would lead to http:///
4)Next to the Alias field, there would be a field Host Server. Enter there.
If you do not have a . (dot) after you save the same, edit the Host Server and re enter as
5)Now,this is done. Next step is changing settings in blogger.
6)On your blogger Settings tab, click on Publishing.
7)Click on Advanced Settings and enter and save the settings
8)You are done!!! :-)

Wait for a day for the whole thing to take into effect. Why and NOT in this case, is that your question? Check this page for the answer

Hope I am of some use to junta who face the same problem.

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September 30, 2007   25 Comments

Google Adsense puzzles me again

All the 3 images are from Manorama Online’s children’s section
Google adsense simply goofs up as in most of the cases.
Check out the ads- they are ads for Jobs, Matrimonials and Networking.

Content based advertising, ya, that is what Google Adsense is….but….think who goes through these pages, pre teenagers(ok, say even early teenagers)…if they go online to read a Balarama and other sections, I assume they are located outside Kerala or India and these magazines are not available in hard copy version for them….and the they may check these pages on their own or lets say parents take them to these sections(I am sure a kid who can surf himself wouldnt check the Rhymes section!!!)….

So for whom are the jobs ad??? parents may be!!!!
Matrimonials!!!!-confused me!!!! still thinking who the target is!!!!
Networking-may be new generation kids gonna network big time, orkut is only for Adults right!!

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September 24, 2007   9 Comments

Bangalored Rickshaw-wallahs

I go through a love (?) hate relationship with Bangalore, feelings that go on a roller coaster everyday. Though I hate this place for the traffic that is chaotic and stationary(yes!!!) ,the rains that transform this place into a pool and makes me come home like a Hippopotamus wading through a filthy pool…there are other factors as well that makes me simply hate this place!!!

So much that I feel like going back home, start farming in some remote place in Kerala or do nothing ,sit at home, at let my mom feed me daily with tons of rice, sambar, pulissery and fish(:D I wish!!)…so much that I feel like taking my company to Trivandum, so so much that I feel like starting something on my own away away from Bangalore…..

The autorickshaws that screw up the traffic is the latest in my hate list. No, I don’t much care ‘coz they put in their share of chaos into the traffic, that is what they do in every other city. The rates, phew!!!

Where on earth can a rickshaw guy shamelessly ask for one and a half rates irrespective of the time of the day or the place to which you wish to rent the auto to?

6 am is too early so they ask for one and a half, 8 am is again early, after sometime it would be traffic, then it would be ‘coz they wouldn’t get a return trip ‘coz it that odd time of the day, then its traffic time again, or it midnight for them after 7pm!!! whatay logic!!

Half the times these guys are not ready to come, ‘coz there is traffic(so what do these guys plan to do idling through the day) or the destination is too faar, or too close, or is some god forsaken place to which they feel theirs would be the first auto to go that day! Whatever the reason be, they are an annoying lot.

They have the audacity to ask for random rates which is usually at least 20-30 bucks more than the meter rates. These men in khaki(lol!!!) feels that anyone who comes out from an IT company(read ,has a tag hanging from their neck) is filthy rich, desperate to reach home, ready to pay any amount. Most of the times these khaki men manage to fleece a poor commuter, because he finds it impossible to find anybody agreeing for a reasonable rate….

I am sure these auto wallahs make the maximum out of the chaos called Bangalore.Lucky them, what else to say!

I look forward to the day, when they charge only by meter…I know it is impossible, still I can wish, hope……

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September 16, 2007   13 Comments

Wake up Achumamma!

The optimist in me never lets me believe that the see saw politics is actually a bane to Kerala.The government that comes to power makes sure that it finds hazaar reasons to plug even the minutest of the developmental activities initiated by their predecessor by finding a scam in the deal or try all possible means to hijack the credit of the step towards development.

We have seen this in the case of the well talked about smart city.

I used to shrug off any allegation against unfriendliness of Kerala as an investment destination to the fact that the high literacy rate combined with the high density of population was the prime reason for people forming action committees against any development citing reasons that environment is going to be affected, people are going to be rehabilitated, the investors are foreigners….

When other states are trying to woo investments and lure foreign investment, we see Kerala trying to pedal backward in fighting against foreign investment, be it in Rare earth mining or retail.

The funniest thing is foreign need not be firangs, anyone like a Birla or Reliance is enough to be branded as kuthaka/lobby etc.

I am yet to understand the logic of people protesting against the coming of organized retailers when almost every other state in India welcomed them with open arms.

Why are the political parties so fond of showing their power by calling bandh now known as hartal and that too for the silliest reasons?

How can a hartal against the government help control the spread of fever during the monsoons?
What extra bit can a hartal help in controlling fever?I do not hesitate a bit in calling these people irresponsible morons!

God almighty, please find some time out of your busy schedule in putting a pinch of brains into these duds!

The issue of hartal, investment unfriendliness arises not out of literacy,or of a high density of population that would not let any brick and mortar industry to come up(ya, people in this part of the world think about pollution first!!!)
but….the politicians,their chamchaas who rule the educational institutions of the state and the creed of jobless insensible brainless people collectively known as DYFI.

Politicians feed the student leaders who are a disgrace to the student community. A typical state level leader of any of the party affiliated student body would be in their early thirties, who are fed by politicians to cling onto some university and are unemployable to the highest order.These men/women have nothing else to do but try to hog lime lite somehow by shouting slogans against issues related or unrelated to students, create law and order issues and fight with the police/govt. as if we are still being rules by the British.
Burning effigy,vandalism and burning buses/govt vehicles is their favorite pastime.

Another class that need to be classified as pariahs before they take the state to deeper mess is DYFI. Any one can become a member by paying Rs 3 or 5 as a lifetime membership fee. And join the league of people paid to create public nuisance.

This post is jus a random thought, thoroughly unstructured and is typed at a stretch non stop….

Mr. CM , get a life!!! Open your eyes!!!

~~~Angry Mallu~~~

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September 5, 2007   6 Comments