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Posts from — November 2007

What outsourcing will do to India?

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Oft repeated, often discussed, still worth publishing.

1)How will we have bridges, dams and roads if all Mechanical,Electrical and Civil engineers dream of raking in moolah going onsite and start coding?
2)How will basic sciences grow if the IT Industry starts giving them low end coding and testing jobs?
3)Who will teach the next generation if IT and BPO takes in almost everybody? (Ya, teaching will be the last resort!)
4)Money matters,still…isn’t there better work to be given than the low end outsourced work?
5)Economy will grow,more money to spend…which in turn means Auto rickshaw drivers will become richer, vegetable sellers will hike rates, malls will thrive,movie halls will give way for multiplexes,traffic will stop moving…
6)Bangalore will choke .Mini Bengalurus will sprout.
7)Complacence will grow.A Software job will remain the eternal dream of every other engineer.
(Overheard-Post campus placements engineering students leave CAT prep for pursuing the software dream!)

High time we realize brain drain of a different kind…

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November 19, 2007   10 Comments