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Posts from — December 2007

A strategy of sorts

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If there is any term that makes me feel sick because of the over use ,misuse and other kinds of uses just to sound a bit cool and MBA ish, be it a newspaper ,newsreader or even someone at work…its the word STRATEGY…This is used 90% of the cases when NOT at all required,when other words can convey the meaning in a better way….The ones who puke this word at the drop of a hat don’t understand the true meaning which is far away from a tactic,idea or a game plan!

Strategy is not about choosing a restaurant for dinner.
It is not about the administration diverting traffic during President’s visit. What is strategy in this?
Deciding which queue to join at the reservation counter is not strategy.
Having a wacky status message on Gtalk is not strategy either.
Nothing day to day is strategic.
BJP deciding candidates for elections 3-4 months away is not strategy.
That smart statement that you blurt out to impress your manager is also not strategy.(I’m confused here ;) )
Booking air tickets way ahead to save money is planning not strategy.
Bribing the cop when caught for breaking rules is risky not strategy.
Moving a batsman up or down the order is part of the game plan not strategy!

Confused if to carry your sweater to work…….may be you need to strategize….. :D

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December 20, 2007   11 Comments

Boost your brains!

Long long ago, much before Viagra mails started flooding your Spam,some other part of the human body was the focus of everybody’s attention.

I am referring to the IQ improving tips and tricks, ya…brains!

Apart from the edible form of IQ enhancers, Raj Bapna’s Mind Machine was my favorite. I used to read carefully every word of his ad which had as much text as a Harry Potter series, all compressed,boxed(sic),into one page!
Probably his ad remains the oldest running print ad campaign in India.Even though I never believed his ads,I admired his ability to use all possible words synonymous with intelligence in India;IIT, IIMs ,100% and to highlight that he was from BITS Pilani, was an NTSE Scholar and he topped RAJ board.(The content of the ad is recollected from my memory,blame it on not using his kit for any errors!!!).
Magazines like Competition Success Review gathered most of their ad revenue from such brain stimulators.

Even newspapers and TV were not spared.The pre-internet era oldies like me, got to see a lot of it. From hazaar brands using the word Memory and Brains (Memory Plus, Memory Booster,Brainvita-Bournvita’s distant cousin) to authentic (!!!) ayurvedic straight out of the forest concoction of random herbs with the must must ingredient Brahmi, I was bombarded with brain bettering methods.We Indians had enough Ayurvedic background and a (false?) notion that we were the best IQ race to come up with the most novel techniques and drugs to better one’s brains.

In most of these ads, the funniest of the testimonials and recommendations could be found. From an easily recognizable fake Dr.PK Agnihotri, HOD, Psychology, University of Lokhandwala to Amit Sinha,X/XII(NP State Board,Rank 2 and 1)IIT(Kanpur,Computer Science),MS(University of Abraska),IIM(All calls,rejected)!

The TV ads for the edible boosters would have mom’s declaring how their “weak” kid, became a class topper within a month of Brainvita!

These drugs were all meant to increase the speed at which we think,to make us learn better,increase memory by 89% and to get an admission into one of those better places of professional education.
I would have won at least one memory test in school, blame it on my parents not buying these stories! ;)

I don’t see many of the IQ boosting ads these days.Has the Indian obsession for brains come down? Aren’t we thinking about IQ any longer? (EQ is cool I know, now people coming with a lot of 2 lettered Qs)

I still believe I missed out a lot of these things, and the world lost an Einstein ;)! :P LOL!!!

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December 7, 2007   6 Comments