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Dear Amitabhji

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Dear Shri. Amitabh Bachchan,

Now that Govt. of Kerala has responded positively to your interest in becoming the brand ambassador of Kerala Tourism, my respect for your acting skills has gone up. You are a great actor.
We all know how much you love Gujarat and the people there. You may have forgotten what you said. Modi will not have. “There are lots of good things in Gujarat which should be promoted. I am ready to give my voice and face for the promotion of Gujarat tourism.” I did not say this.

Your favourite state was UP. That was years back.

Now that’s Gujarat. Fair enough. A visit to Kerala and dress up in a mundu, a smear of sandal wood paste on the forehead and some good words about Malayalees. You floored the media. Mission successful. A repeat of your Modi love with necessary changes in attire.

And this is what you said to Manorama News recently.

Check {0:14 to 0:27}

You are a winner. Any day.

Sir,Pawan Kumar Chamling is doing an excellent job in Sikkim. Think about appearing before the media in ‘pagi’ and expressing the willingness to endorse Sikkim tourism. Don’t you think you can relate to the teachings of Buddhism. Don’t you love the Kanchenjunga. You can do it, Mr. Bachchan. Go for it. Good luck.
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March 8, 2010   3 Comments