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404 Career Section

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Its recession time.Job market is at its recent worst.Companies have started firing.

Purely hypothetical cases of what may happen,god forbid!.Good luck!

Soon company websites will start reflecting this reality.Nothing much that a you or I can do.

Careers section of Flat World Software Systems taken off.There is a blank space instead of Career. Very symbolic.Scroll mouse over and pop up says “Think Flat-Recession is global”. How true.

Sunflower Software Systems‘ Intranet Career Section now has a landing page that says Enter Your Employee Number. Then you Enter the same, click on the Enter button. And the Result page shows

Mr. Bench Chodd, you have been a wonderful employee with us. 10 October 2008 is your last day at work.You may settle your accounts later when we get back to you. Good luck job hunting!

Click on Career Section on Data Consultancy Services‘ website and dang!

404 Not Found! Aren’t you reading papers? Why would we repeat mistakes?

SweetYam has a Career section that says, Shhh.. do not disturb, we are firing.

This image, which you may have seen only in old movies, may now be seen on one of these pages.

No Vacancy
No Vacancy
Image 1: Istockphoto, Image 2: Corbis,photoshopped
Indirect reference to companies at my own risk

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October 10, 2008   48 Comments