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Why I don’t love Flipkart much

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[Been ages since I posted a proper post. A far from okay post here]

I have been a fan of flipkart. Not sure if I still am. Things were all fine until flipkart sold me a used HTC Legend.
It could have gone unnoticed but for the pre-set time and two photographs already stored in the phone. And also, the packaging which was slightly not similar to the one shown in their ‘unpackaging video‘.
Flipkart had no idea what happened. Some end of their supply chain is faulty. It can’t be this end, ‘coz that’s me here. It has to be the supplier end. Someone opened the pack, used it for a couple of days, took photos, and managed to repackage it and send it across.
This supplier may have sold many such phones. Or maybe not. They don’t lose a thing. Only flipkart loses. Or lost already.

Flipkart got the phone replaced. For all the pain I had to undergo, I asked for a voucher. They gave a Rs. 1000 credit for not starting a hashtag and end up as another social media case study. They handled the issue well.

It could have been a freak case-a case of some rogue employee at the supplier’s end. Or it may have been that this time he was caught.


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October 23, 2010   5 Comments