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Capital disaster

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What happened to you was quite unfortunate. I would not have known you that early had it not happened to you. Even years later, I skipped a beat when I met someone from you. When I read about you in school,the event haunted me. I had memorized the cause’s name much before I knew Chemistry(thanks to dad). The first in a series of processes in Organic Chemistry,reminded me of the company which later bought the notorious company. You appeared as an example in chapters on environment. Time eroded your significance; you were not as important as you used to be.

Justice denied.You struggle.You exist.You get some attention every year. That gives you the hope to survive.

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November 29, 2009   12 Comments

A quarter century later

I came home early from school.Not school, kindergarten. I was not sure why all of us were fetched in the school van much earlier than usual. Aunt was visiting then. Our Prime Minister was shot dead, she told me. I did not realize how big that news was. I was shocked,that is all. It seemed like a big news, from Amma’s and aunt’s reactions. I had seen that old lady’s photographs in papers. I did not know who killed her. I would not have known the word assassination then. Amma tuned in to AIR that confirmed the news,bulletin after bulletin.

It was before we got TV at home, before DD started their Trivandrum station*. Nor did we have a phone to call up friends or relatives and break the news. Somewhere in P&T(or was it DoT then), our application for a connection was lying. I do not remember much from that day. I rocked my cousin’s cradle. I kept rocking till the ropes hit the ceiling fan blades. The baby was safe. Dad scolded me. He had to mend the fan blades. The next day’s newspapers had more of black ink than usual, a lot lot more. Things were going to be different for India,many said.

*Guess, Keltron was operating a DD-esque station then

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October 30, 2009   7 Comments

Shashi Tharoor wins

Shashi Tharoor wins the parliamentary elections from Trivandrum,Kerala.Great news for Trivandrum,well deserved victory for Dr.Tharoor.

Shashi Tharoor campaigning in Trivandrum(SAJABlogs)

What next for Tharoor? External Affairs portfolio?

We will revisit his vision for the city,a year after.

(Photo: [Shashi Tharoor campaigning in Trivandrum](SAJABlogs))

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May 16, 2009   7 Comments