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Lost soles

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“And God,please don’t let anyone steal my chappals left outside”,this forms part of my prayer most of the times I go to temples.Most of the times,because the rest of the times there is a chappal keeper outside the temple.Gods have been kind to me,not always though.
Somehow,this fear of losing my footwear has been very dominant in my life.It still haunts me.

The computer centre in Warangal was* a chappal flicker’s haven.But,after losing your footwear once or twice, a place like Warangal seasons you.If you lose yours,you take someone else’s; you return if someone questions,else the pair is yours till your next visit to the computer centre.

A chappal less walk back home just adds to the misery of losing a pair.Discovering the loss brings in a sense of helplessness and anger.

Chappal counter

A temple chappal counter

Consistency has been my forte as far as losing chappals are concerned.I have been nice to chappal thieves;have lost to them even during train journeys.
During Warangal days, traveling in a group of over ten in a general compartment was always peppered with a sense of freedom and excitement.The excitement had to die down.I had kept my shoes safely and kept looking at them in between micro naps.Talk about timing,somewhere in between my winks I realized my shoes were no longer there.

Strange coincidences have also happened;like someone unknowingly flicking my pair for he had a similar pair placed next to mine.So,I ended up with a pair worth more or less like his, but totally off the size(or even age ;) ).

But,why do some steal one of a pair?Funny, but at a time I was left with right,don’t know what he did right though.

Looking at the feet of people in the crowd surreptitiously, in search of my lost sandals, is an exercise in vain.Even if I spot my sandals on someone,proving the ownership is difficult.

Whatever be the sole objective of these chappal thieves,loss has always been mine.

*CC in NIT Warangal could still be the same,it can’t change;CCs across campuses are like this :-)

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May 5, 2009   34 Comments